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December 23, 2015

Blurred Lines

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So Robin Thicke put this song out a couple of summers ago and it was a huge hit. Some even called it the summer of 2013 anthem.


July 7, 2010

World Cup

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so four years ago during the last world cup, i was messing around on the internet with this girl named Selina in Canada.

on the side, i posted about women of the world cup, and the fact that all my favorite teams were out, so i was cheering for countries based on how hot their women were.

and then i said sorry England.


March 1, 2010

Chelsea King

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i actually have a cousin named chelsea king.

come on dudes, quit abusing girls. much less killing them.

September 21, 2009


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Hot Oktoberfest chicks

i was there 2 years ago.


July 30, 2009

Holy Crap!

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Henna Tattoo

holy crap guys. we’re out of business!


June 11, 2008


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there is much ado lately about the dilemna.

eva longoria? or eva mendes?

let us take a closer look….

first, there’s eva longoria

Eva Longoria

and then there is eva mendes

Eva Mendes

which one? …. oh what to decide?

the answer is obvious…..


April 24, 2008

Paris Hilton

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you’ve got to be kidding me


February 25, 2008

Pop Tarts

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Hot Naked Muslim Chicks

i haven’t done one of these in a while. so i thought i’d post another. it’s been a while and as some of you have noticed, i’ve started trying to post a lot more pics, and especially with some sort of a middle eastern theme. even if it doesn’t always agree with the subject of the post.

but anyway, this is a pop tarts post and is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!! if you are not at work, enjoy some hot naked muslim chicks.


January 24, 2008

The List of 5 Added

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Well, I got a comment demanding 10, so I figure I’ll add 5 more names to my list real quick.


January 23, 2008

The List of 5 Updated

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AnnaLynne McCord

Periodically, I like to update this list for y’alls pleasure, and laughter.


November 29, 2007

Miss America

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heh. just in from dad.


October 19, 2007

Pop Tarts

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couple of girls from fhm magazine.

again, NSFW

Abbey Clancy


October 8, 2007

Pop Tarts

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yeah, i think i have my ftp working correctly now. pics should be easy again.

this girl is megan fox. she was the chick in the transformers movie. i wasn’t impressed with the show. kind of cheesy. but then again, i was never a transformers fan.

girl is hot though

these pics are NSFW (more…)

September 12, 2007

The Updated mlah Top 10 List

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yeah, i promised to post some pics. this took a while as i reconstituted my ability to post pics. it’s been 6 long months since i posted and graphics.

amazing huh?

this is not safe for work! NSFW


August 6, 2007


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i see women.

i see women everywhere!

and some of them are wearing shorts!


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