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October 18, 2007


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making change is so hard for people


January 5, 2007


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no i haven’t been.

i want to blog. and i think of all kinds of good things to write about. but when i get home from a 15 hour day, AND working out in TKD with the korean military, i’m jusat too damn tired.

on the good side, i got an electric blanket from home. you can tell it is pretty basic here if a blanket is the biggest comfort i have.

i paid my car off today. i have NO DEBTS whatsoever except for my mortgage.

i thinnk i’ll but a carpet for my foyer.

October 8, 2006

Losing Bets

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yeah, i lost a bet with craig. most of you could tell i didn’t write the texas are the greatest post i hope.

but i lost, so that thing has to stay on top for a damned week!

it’s all right. stoops will get them next year. he’s 5-3 versus texas. so he’s doing pretty well. this does put a damper on oklahomas chances to win the national championship though.

bomar needs to be shot.

anyway. i have some other nice posts coming. but you’ll have to check underneath the texas stuff.

August 30, 2006

Chile Mac

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i had my first ever mre today. chile mac. i still haven’t crapped.

UPDATE: taco bell meximelts, the answer.

August 29, 2006


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so i had the biggest waste of a day in my entire life today. pretty much.

i waited in a single line from 9:40 to around 4:10 today. and the worst part is, after making it to the front and being ‘next’ at one point, they kept jumping groups of people in front of me.

i almost did serious jail time today. but i chilled. went to outback, had a beer. wake up is 4am. time for bed.

got a call from my new instructor today. class startes next week. while i’m on the road. it’s going to be a fun class! but this is why i signed up with norwich. online is ok while deploying.

and man. y’all should see some of the email i got today……

July 9, 2006

Hell on Earth

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So. on this day, the plates shifted. continents sank, the sky turned red, deserts bloomed and kangaroos drove cars.


July 7, 2006


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so i have this neighbor i never see.

she drives a white bmw and is an officer in the air farce.

are y’all sensing a mood?


June 17, 2006


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anyone tired of poeple on cell phones while driving?


June 5, 2006

Class II

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i had another week!

i was supposed to get two weeks between my classes! i was taking this weekend really easy smug in the knowledge that after next weekend i would again be immersed in class.


December 6, 2005


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so i’m really disappointed that i only garnered three comments from my pictorial expose’

i foresee doing one now with just hot chicks to compare the comments score.

October 20, 2005


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Hurricane Wilma


for those of you who haven’t heard, or have forgotten. yes, i am still in miami.

October 2, 2005


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so my hotel charges 10 bucks a day to connect to the internet.

i’ve been riding off of some free wireless connectipon that recently disappeared.

so i may be a little less visible than usual.

June 1, 2005


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so i went to finally transfer my maryland drivers license over to texas.

April 8, 2005


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my wireless hotspot has been up and down the last couple of days. i haven’t been able to connect really. i did at work and got a few sites banned for good.

post coming.

March 31, 2005


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it took me 2 and a half hours to get a prescription filled today.

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