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October 25, 2011

Big 12

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The big 12.

I love college football. I’ve posted about the Oklahoma Sooners before. I’m following them again this year. Most recently they were upset by Texas Tech, and I’m not happy about it. But it happens.


August 9, 2010


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I just discovered the worst bruise I have ever gotten from practicing tkd.

Y’all don’t want to know.

July 7, 2010

World Cup

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so four years ago during the last world cup, i was messing around on the internet with this girl named Selina in Canada.

on the side, i posted about women of the world cup, and the fact that all my favorite teams were out, so i was cheering for countries based on how hot their women were.

and then i said sorry England.


February 2, 2010


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the superbowl is rapidly approaching. i am of course hoping the saints break all barriers and win the big one.

my cajun friend at work has told me his entire family is evacuating the state of louisiana. because if they win, they’re burning that whole fucking state DOWN!

who dat!

October 15, 2009

I Am Second

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Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford

on the eve of the most important day in college football, i give you two of the most improbable friends in sports.

Watch this youtube clip

May 17, 2009

Paint Ball

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Harem Girls

so i played paint ball for the first time in a decade or two this past saturday.† got shot a lot. had a couple of victories, but for the most part, i was toast.


October 11, 2008


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Boomer Sooner

single most important day in college football


September 14, 2008


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Anastasia LiukenSO, now that it looks like Iím going to have my internet back, I can
resume some posting. But thing is, there are so many things I wanted to
post while I was down.

Iím going to post a few of them anyway, and then dive into the ongoing
presidential race.

The Olympics.


January 20, 2008

What about Bob?

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If you aren’t a college football fan, don’t bother reading this.


November 14, 2007

BCS Championship

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that’s it.

i’m calling it.


September 20, 2007


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a recent observation i made


September 10, 2007

Soccer Hooligans

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so, i bought some spaghettios to eat while i’m here. i figured i’ve got a microwave….. but i don’t have a can opener. heh.


October 15, 2006

Football Fights

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ok. this is not really a post about football.

the univeristy of miami played florida international university this last saturday in miami. at one point the game devolved into a bench clearing melee in the middle of the field. fans even got into fights in the stands.


October 11, 2006

The Texas Longhorns are the Greatest!!!!

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Hello everyone in MLAH land!!! That’s right it’s time for the Texas domination post… I know all of you have been eagerly awaiting this, especially because deep in the back of all of your minds you all love the texas longhorns and wanted them to kick OU’s ass!!! LOL… Well I guess all of your dreams did come true… The score of the game was 28 to 10, for those of you who didn’t already know it!!! From the very beginning OU was doomed… Especially because Colt McCoy took over exactly where Vince Young left off!!! The sooners coach Bob Stoops must have been shitting his pants the entire time!!! Here are some sweet pics for ya’ll!!! LOL…

every minute another texas fan is born!!!!!
Hook ’em Horns!!!!

Longhorn Catch

Longhorn Touchdown

Texas Oklahoma Split Crowd

Texas Tower

posted by craig at Action!!!

October 4, 2006

Red River Rivalry

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Boomer Sooner

this weekend is the red river rivalry.

for those of you people not in the know, that’s the most important game in college football every year.

Oklahoma versus Texas.


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