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July 24, 2006


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this one time, jesse was soooooooo drunk!


October 11, 2005

The Light Fantastic

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i was on the monterey (cg-61) in ’93.

we hit a lot of ports and did a lot of things.

seems like we spent a lot time in the adriatic too.

September 27, 2005


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stop reading now if you’re young, or if you aren’t interested in a little blue humor.

September 13, 2005

Mission Impossible

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el Catedral de Seville


i’m in miami. if i had my scanner, i’d draw you a pic.

you absoultely must take rebecca to this restaurant. and do not tell her in advance, do not tell her i told you. just go, and reap the benefits.

you’ll be glad you did.

rent a car and go to seville.

July 25, 2005


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so we had this little tradition in rota.

sometimes, every couple of months or so, we would have what we liked to call a little pub crawl. my first tour, we sort of had a pub crawl every night. but when slick willie started ‘right sizing’ the navy, the american population in rota was cut pretty much in half. but the optempo stayed the same or even increased.

so the apparent effect was to cut the sailors in rota, not deployed to ships, by about two thirds.

July 13, 2005

A Flat Tire

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this one time, jesse was sooooo drunk…..

that’s not really how this story starts, but i have to say it whenever relating a little happening associated with the infamous jesse swanson.

June 16, 2005

Toilet Paper

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this is another story about toilet paper.

in a way.

April 17, 2005


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Chris and Jim

so friday i bagged work early. i had the hours in already. and then some. i was going fishing.

i drove home and got my new rod/reel and tackle. and drove to the pier.

it took me a little while to get the line onto my rod. it was windy out.

we got underway around 2:45. maybe 3.

christine took myself and jim out on her little speedboat.

October 31, 2004

Rum Cake

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redsugar cited rum cake as her favorite cake a few days back. if memory serves.

reminded me of my favorite rum cake incident.

when i was in spain riding boats, that’s submarines for you non bubbleheads, we use to ‘catch’ boats in la maddalena, italy. that means we used to fly up there and wait for the sub to pull in to port. then we would report aboard and go with them when they got underweigh again.

one time we got to wait 5 days for the sub to arrive. it was painful, having the usn pay for our hotel, AND give us money (per diem) while we wiated for the sub. the boat was legitimately delayed, so we enjoyed the italian island os sardinia in the meantime.

October 15, 2004

Shooting the Rag

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been a while since i related a sea story.

sorry for the lack of pics, but my household goods are still in storage awaiting the christening of casa dave. 28th. 10am.

my first tour in spain, we used to drink a lot.

a lot.

oh man, how i wrecked my body.

August 17, 2004

Great Beer Hunting

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The Rota City Beach at Sunset

travesty i tell you. the USN wasting beer!

yep, they wasted the golden elixir! and at a time and place where i cherished the wonderful stuff.

not anymore. just don’t have the time anymore, but back in the day, i did have a drop now and again.

i’m going to ramble a bit now, but the story is worth it.

June 13, 2004


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when i was a seaman in the navy, i got sent to spain. it was my first real duty station. up ’til that point, i had only gone to training commands. for two years the navy sent me to school! and i was finally going to spain to do some work.

i had started my career, like my great uncle and grandfather before me, by going to san diego for boot camp. san diego is now closed as a boot camp. the navy only send recruits to great lakes, right outside of chicago. i think it was a mistake. i had the fortune of being in boot camp when saddam invaded kuwait. i have stories from that, that i’ll be posting later.

from there i flew up to monterey, ca. for a year and a half of language training. and to follow my language training, at an army school, i went to goodfellow afb in san angelo, tx. i’ll leave that school alone. from there i went to subsurface training school in groton ct. first time i got to spend any time at a navy base. san diego doesn’t really count as you have no free time.

May 31, 2004

Chief Teaff

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The New WWII Memorial

back in the day….

when i was in language school in monterey, there were a lot of seals there, going through various languages as well. it was kind of cool, as a seaman, to sit around and hear some of their sea stories.

lots of cool stories about the ‘big hungries’. that’s what most of the seals at the time refered to sharks as. they figured if you didn’t have at least one good story about a big hungry, well, you just weren’t a seal yet.

May 6, 2004

Dances in Bars

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Andrea in pub Schooners

i’ve related many stories about my doings in spain. i’m sure there are many more to come.

a little story about a girl named tina. i think her name was actually christina, but she just went by plain ole tina.

gorgeous little gypsy girl. she used to work in a bar in ‘Rota’, where i was stationed. twice. for all i know, she still works in bar “led zeppelin’s”. i bet not though.

tina could dance the sevillana better than anyone i’ve ever seen.

my drinking buddy mark and i used to frequent one of the quieter and more laid back bars in rota known as ‘schooners’

March 21, 2004


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Me, Jay, and Jessica


i don’t know why this popped into my head. it’s an old story about what we used to do in spain.

my first tour, i was always hanging out with a bunch of guys fresh from language school. we all belonged to something we called ‘twawsi’. it stood for ‘the world as we see it’. it was kind of the opposite of the hee-man woman haters club, if you can imagine that. check out me and jay, and english girl named jessica to the right. we’re eating cherries. i’ll not elaborate on that.

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