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February 18, 2009


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ah, sweet muse.

soothing and calm. so few people know you.

almost good enough to make me dance.


June 29, 2006


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seldom do i ever favor a cover to the original. i almost always like the original versions of songs better. but once in a while….

a friend put what is in all probability the first version she’s ever heard of zeppelin’s ‘kashmir’ up on her myspace account. i heard it when i looked at her page. i hope she has listened to a little zeppelin though.
i love it. kashmir never quite had the real moroccan feel to me that robert plant intended when he spent all of that time in marrakesh (i think it was marrakesh. i know it was morocco) studying music, and which gave us the song of the same name.

instrumental, no lyrics….. but that’s just my license to sing them in my car on the way to work tomorrow!

oh, and get this. want to see the artist who impressed me so much that i prefer their version of kashmir to page and company?


May 12, 2004


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I got this idea from Redsugar sort of.

These are just a few songs on incessant repeat on my mp3 player.

Burden in My Hand – Soundgarden
Born on the Bayou – CCR
Ramblin Gamblin Man – Bob Seger
The Hardest Button to Button – The White Stripes
I Thank You – ZZ Top

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