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April 19, 2008

How Many 5 Year Olds?

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i saw this at rachel lukas and nose on your face.

April 8, 2008

Small World

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Burqa Chicks

so today i bowed up and went to practice. been forever.


February 13, 2008

TKD Post

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so i got an email from my school in texas.


January 16, 2007


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so i’ve been a little under the weather lately. it has been cold, and heat has been hit and miss.

i’m feeling tons better, but still have that nagging cough i just can’t shake. it’s been a week since i went to tkd, so today i went. figured i’m feeling well enough, and i might get lucky and run this crap out of my lungs.


December 22, 2006

I’m in BIG Trouble

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no, not that kind of trouble!

this place here is under the international auspices. the base has several differnet international military forces. i’m not saying which countires exactly.

except for one.


August 5, 2006


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so they’re building this best buy close to my house. i’ve been eagerly waiting for it to be finsihed. not til next year. but today i drove by, and i saw somone walking out of the front doors. with a sack! i’m so happy. i’ve actually contemplated getting a side job there just for the employee discount. unleashed today was 7 bucks.

got my teeth cleaned for the first time in a while. zero cavities baby!i’ll be traveling down the road pretty soon on yet another excursion for work. should be a lucrative tdy.

just got back from the H.E.B., cantaloupe was on sale as were campari tomatoes.

no gus. i watched barcelona for the first time more than ten years ago. as well as the last days of disco. that’s where i fell in love with kate beckinsale, and mira sorvino. mixing movies? deal with it. barcelona was about two americans in … barcelona around 1990. one of whom was a sailor. so when i was in spain, we (sailors) were very fond of it. you ladies won’t want to watch it though. in the words of sandra, “that’s it?! that’s the end? that whole movie was about nothing! the whole movie was about nothing?!” last days of disco was a prequel to barcelona and about a disco in nyc. kate beckinsale was hot in an izod. chloe sevigny was just hot.

yes, it is true. for those of you i haven’t told on the side. i did in fact get my second dan in tkd one week ago.

now i shall go enjoy a huge salad with lots of tomatoes while i watch unleashed. cheerio.

July 27, 2006

Lord of the Dance

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everyone, say hello to medium john

look here, it goes to youtube.

July 26, 2006

Troy Dorsey

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so when i was in high school, i worked at this gas station on camp wisdom road in duncanville, texas.

there was a shopping center next door. it had a few stores in it but never really was full or busy. one of the stores way in the back was jim choates karate. whipow!

they used to come over and buy gas at mike’s texaco. which is where i worked. they were pretty normal guys. just all into the matial arts.

there were these two brothers who went there. troy and brian dorsey. they were my age or so. i used to talk to them whenever they stopped in. never really thought about it much.


June 17, 2006


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anyone tired of poeple on cell phones while driving?


May 21, 2006

Turning Roundhouse

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i haven’t posted anything about taekwondo in a while. thought y’all might like to see this.

please right click and save .


February 25, 2006


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so we had a little ‘breaking’ thing going on at my tkd school today.

karma hit me bad.

September 24, 2005


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rita did affect me.

not only did it come rolling through miami while i was here. but it made things bad enough in san antonio that they canceled our tournament.

my school hosts the south texas open every year. this year it was …. today! but because san antonio was an evacuation point, san antonio college refused to let us use the usual gym.

they thought they might need it as a shelter.

July 12, 2005

Road Warriors

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jason just got back from aau senior nationals. he has a black eye and a bum leg. lost in the second round.

he and i are trying to get a few other of the bruisers from our school to start taking road trips on fridays, to other schools. get a little new blood for fighting.

my first week here there was a girl down here from austin. she just comes down once in a long while to work with some different people.

we’re going to make it up there. maybe to houston. we want to spar the lopez’. and that’s a death wish!

June 26, 2005


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well gussie gus gus, the spurs beat the pistons and won the championship.

the riverwalk was margaritaville (or pina coladaburg) for the weekend. it was nice.

but the bastard powers that be bumped the junior olympics out of the alamodome so that they could hold a party for the spurs. never mind contracts and rental agreements. i doubt the junior olympics will be coming back to san antonio.

i have a ton of video to rip in as mpegs. y’all may get to see a little of it.

and in the meantime, i figured i’d gloat just a little bit about the spurs winning the nba championship.

June 22, 2005

Little Nicky

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ever see all of those stories about boxers making weight?

all of the crap that they have to go through be in the right weight category. see them going n horrible diets the week before a fight. dehydrating themselves before weigh in.

the last mike tyson fight showed the weights they weighed in as the day before the fight. and then the weights they were at for the fight. there was close to a 10 pound difference.

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