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December 2, 2015

Getting My Feet Wet

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Imagine youíre Ahmed and you live in Syria. There has been a water shortage for a couple of decades now because the Turks to the north built some dams to keep the water in the rivers for their own burgeoning population, leaving your own increasing population ever more thirsty. Then thereís a drought to exacerbate the water shortage. It forces the youthful rural population who can no longer farm to move to the cities.

At the same time, there is a nasty war in your neighboring country. Personnel and supplies for the resistance has steadily flowed through your country making very many (the ruling class) in your country rich from the profiteering. This has also led to many jobs in the underworld for the dislocated young people newly arrived in the cities. Then, as the drought is making the water problem worse, the money from the illicit arms trade next door dries up as well because the war there has ended. Now the routes people used to get into your neighboring country is also their exit. So you have a very hardened core of insurgents in your own country. With weapons. With expertise.

Those insurgents now play the same class warfare card we have seen so many times in this country. Labeling the ruling Baathists as profiteers and oppressors. Infidels to the faith! Then they tell you that it is not only sanctioned by your religion to fight the ruling class but a duty. And along the way they make it fair and legal in the little niche of land they control (in the rural areas) to actually torture Non-muslims and non-arabs to death, and to seize their wives and daughters, and sons, to sell on an auction block as slaves. For whatever purpose the buyer chooses.

Not every muslim does this. But most know a cousin or friend who went over to the other side. Youíve all heard stories and seen pictures and videos. Much more graphic than anything we have seen in the west. Heard rumors about your cousins.

You decide to flee and go to another nation far away from home. To a nation very dissimilar to your own in religion, culture, ethnic, and even legal traditions. The crowd is great. There are stories of beautiful, easy women and chocolate for all spurring your march. You see a few cousins you have not seen in a few years. They say they were farming. Along the way, you encounter minorities from your own country. Ethnic and religious minorities. You donít do anything, but some of them are drowned along the way. Many are beaten and raped.

Theyíre only barely people anyway. Infidels, the lot of them. On your way in a great mass of people, many compatriots assault your new countrymen and trash the countryside. Demand that the infidels assimilate to your ways and customs. The infidels say that crime has elevated drastically since your arrival and you are appalled. Itís not possible and you donít know why they lie about you. After all, it is by very definition impossible to rape a hooker. After youíre done, you just give her money. It wasnít you in any case. You have heard rumors who it might have been. Maybe you even heard yells or pleas for help. Barely people. You keep your eyes on the prize.

Housing. Food. Medical Care. Education. Leisure. Dental. And more. Your new nation owes you these things. Your religious leaders tell you it is the modern Jizya. You did not set out looking for it, but itís hard to turn down those wonderful comforts after enduring so much. And these people here, who make their children take time out of their own education to provide for your well being.

And as you and I sit comfy here in our own country, the USA, and we watch these things unfold inside of our alliesí borders, we ponder whether or not we too, should place ourselves on the hook.

Didnít they have allies before? Shouldnít they provide for them now. Shouldnít they be assisting them in their internal struggle? Donít they have stronger economies? Donít they have actual facilities for the ENTIRE group of refugees. Arenít they physically closer. Arenít they closer in religion? In legal tradition? In Culture?

Shouldnít aid from the United States come in the form of pressing those rich gulf states refusing to aid the Syrians into actually helping them?

Iím all for taking the minorities. Those closest to us. Those who were beaten, raped and sold on an auction block in Syria. They will be AWESOME Americans. They will cherish our Freedoms. Our Liberties. And viciously defend them, alongside ourselves. Bring the Yazidi, Jews, Christians, Kurds, and Zoroastrians here.

But the slave merchants? The typical Ahmed, with family and /or friends involved in one way or another. Who profited however indirectly from the wars, and the sales . And who are migrating primarily for financial gain. Donít believe me? Check the Syriansí reactions to the conditions placed on them by the Danes. They say it was a bad economic deal, and are beginning to seek ways to move on, to another country, from which they can profit better. They expect better for the on average 8000Euro expense in Euro Coyotes to get to northern Europe from Turkey.
This is our history. This is our past. This is our law. We have always helped the oppressed. NOT the oppressors. Leave the Syrian mainstream at home. Fix your shit.
When people bomb my city. I will be in arms. And woe to the first slave market I see.

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