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March 18, 2012

Voter Ids

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It’s ridiculous the amount of voter fraud that is going on in the US.

Liberals are quick to deny any evidence of any voter fraud. If you point them at James O’Keefe’s video of voter fraud in Vermont, they dismiss it.

First, they will point out the James O’Keefe has in fact committed voter fraud. Even though he returned every ballot and walked away.

Second, they will point out that it does not prove anybody else is voting illegally.

Some liberals have a real concern that ID requirements would be used to suppress minority votes, but when presented with solutions like assistance to those without ID to obtain the necessary ID, they will side with ID requirements. Only those playing politics THROUGH VOTER FRAUD will continue to oppose ID requirements.

Check out the videos. First, O’Keefe’s video showing the ease with which anybody can perpetrate voter fraud here:

Here is a person who claims to have been the victim of voter fraud:

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