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October 25, 2011

Big 12

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The big 12.

I love college football. I’ve posted about the Oklahoma Sooners before. I’m following them again this year. Most recently they were upset by Texas Tech, and I’m not happy about it. But it happens.

OU is in the “Big 12”, which is in danger of falling apart. Nebraska defected to the “Big 10” so they can try to sponge off of some East Coast Journalist lovin. I hope they do well over there, but that the Big 10 continues to suck. Colorado left for the Pac10, now the Pac 12, and I hope they suck it hard. Don’t. Like. the. West. Coast.

Texas A&M has signed up for the move to the SEC this year. Can you say Door Mat? But now I’m hearing that Missouri is trying to move to the SEC as well. I don’t want them to go.

But the Big 12 is getting smart and starting to try and pick up replacement teams. They announced today that West Virginia will be moving to the Big 12. Regardless of whether or not Missouri does move to the SEC. And there is interest in BYU as well.

I say get em.

There are a few teams I hope the Big 12 pic up.

In addition to BYU, I hope they pic up SMU, Houston, UTSA, and UNM. As for teams that are already in major conferences that I want the Big 12 to “steal” include: Virginia Tech, Iowa, and to steal Nebraska back. I’d like to see Arkansas come over as well, but I just don’t see them leaving the SEC.

The trend right now is to a 16 member conference. The Big 12 currently has 9 teams after losing 3, and is in danger of losing another. After adding WVA, they need to pick up 7-8 new teams.

Boomer Sooner….

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  1. Please post about politics and Islam! This football stuff just goes way over my head…… 😉

    Comment by Cindy Irby — October 26, 2011 @ 7:12 am

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