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April 21, 2011


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The Democrats call the Republicans “The Party of Fear” but the other is actually the truth.

When you rob Peter to pay Paul, You can always count on the support of Paul. And usually the enmity of Peter. As is the case at hand, Democrats call the enmity they have earned from taxpayers/Peter “Fear”.

The real party of fear is in fact the Democratic party. When you rob Peter to pay Paul, the way you ensure the support of Paul is to point out that Peter wants to stop sending his taxes to pay Paul. That Peter in fact thinks his property is his own and that he should get to keep it. And that if Paul does not aid the robber /Democratic Party, the stolen goods will quit coming Paul’s way.

So there you have it. The Democrats cement their support from the entitlement class by simply pointing out that mean old Republicans will take away their free govt check if they don’t get out and vote. And Vote left.

Watch it in the news live. Obama is the slave master of the entitlement class. Do what I say, or I’ll let those mean old Republicans take away your check! They’re gonna git cha! They’re gonna git yo money!

Party of fear? Democrats. Plain and simple.

April 19, 2011


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So now the Democrats are saying that the Republicans are causing doubt in the economy with all their talk about fiscal responsibility.

It’s like the people looking up in the sky and seeing an asteroid approaching. The Republicans have said “Holy Shit! An asteroid!”. And the Democrats have responded with, “Don’t talk about the asteroid, you’ll scare people about the outlook of their futures”.

I have news for you Democrats. Regardless of any words spoken, the asteroid is real. And it approacheth.

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