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March 14, 2011


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I watch “The Amazing Race” (TAR). It’s about the only reality tv show I care to watch. All of the others seem to be about voting and drama. Who said what to who, and who you form an alliance with.

TAR isn’t so much like that. You can try to form alliances and stuff, but in the end, if you’re dumb, if you’re slow, you’ll be last, and then you’re gone.

So there is a supposed TAR curse.

Seems like there is a major disaster of some sort to fall upon a country they visit. The bad thing is. They visit and film it, then some months later, you’ll watch the show, which is really just “hurry up and wait”, and they’ll visit someplace, and you’ll switch the channel over to the news and see some horrific event happening right where they just visited.

They finished a race in New Orleans, then bam! Katrina
They raced through London and boom! Bombimgs on the trains.
They were in Sri Lanka before the Sumatra earthquake and Tsunami.
They were in Chile just before that earthquake.

Last week? They had a pit stop in Tokyo.

I still love the show and would go in a minute.!

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