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February 7, 2011


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So has anyone else noticed that the FCC is testing emergency broadcast systems in earnest again?

Anyone else asking why?

Way back in the day, I remember the FCC tests happening pretty normally. They existed because of the chance that we might have a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union.

There was a very real and very credible threat to our nation, and to ourselves.

Shortly after the demise of the USSR, the FCC pretty much stopped testing Emergency systems. There was much fanfare as the new CIS made agreements to reduce their nuclear arsenal. We did the same. Then we both decided to not point our remaining missiles at each other any longer. Recently we yet again have reduced our arsenals.

Why is the FCC testing the emergency broadcast system again?

The only real answer is that there is again a credible and real threat to our nation and to ourselves.

Who and what?

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