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July 7, 2010

World Cup

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so four years ago during the last world cup, i was messing around on the internet with this girl named Selina in Canada.

on the side, i posted about women of the world cup, and the fact that all my favorite teams were out, so i was cheering for countries based on how hot their women were.

and then i said sorry England.

Selina was born in England.

4 long years ago.

so here’s the world cup again. i refrained from making any disparaging comments.

but this year, my teams have been doing well. and one of my favorites, holland, is in the final. i like spain too, but holland.


i spent a little more than a month on a dutch sub. loved it. made good friends. the kind who would still take me out for beer… and good times if i showed up in the dam.

somewhere, over across the pond. ALL of the people in Holland and Spain are going nuts. i wish i was there.

biggest parties since the wall came down!

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