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June 9, 2010

Cover Terms

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i’m going to start a new trend here. highlighting the bullshit leftists spew and represent as something entirely different. all in an effort to fool the unsuspecting into agreeing with them.

to start it off.
The “Stimulus Bill”. It had nothing to do with stimulus. in actuality it was nothing but a payoff. democrats paid off the people who got them elected. whether you like it or not, it can also be described as a redistribution of wealth. a check for a trillion dollars was written and divided up among democrat supporters. many, or most of whom are poor.

guess who is on the hook to pay the stimulus eventually? the american middle class. their money being given to the poor, with requisite payoffs to China in the middle.

had NOTHING to do with the economy. nothing at all.

June 2, 2010

Ice Cream

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So I  hear this God awful noise yesterday. I start walking around my house looking for the source.


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