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September 13, 2009


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i use ‘stuff’ way too much. subject lines…. i use it for everything

so i got my new wireless printer setup and working. the thing just would not answer up to a wireless network. period.

then i said fuck it, and quit using the little epson wizard, cracked into the interface directly on the printer, got the mac address, went back and entered it into my switch for security, then went back to the printer interface and entered my wireless ssid and password.


the epson install wizard worked on my second computer, aka laptop, just fine.

i bought a nice photo negative and slide scanner so i could scan all my old navy/spain/high school pics and probably enter them into my facebook.  but no, the damn little ion only works correctly on slides. which i do not have. it scans the negatives just fine, but they are still negatives. i’m going to wind up using my flatbed scanner.

on a high note, the new wireless keyboards and mice i bought are awesome.

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