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August 19, 2009


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barney frank.

what can i say. the man should be in jail. he has as much responsibility for the economic crash as anyone else. more than the vast majority of us.  he oversees fannie mae and freddie mac and has a lover who is on charge of freddie mac. can you say huge conflict of interest? he helped puish the cra through. making a legal mandate that 25% of all loans bought by freddie and fannie are sub prime. then again in 2003 he helped raise that legal requirement to 40%. and the whole way he denied there was any trouble on the horizon depsite being told so many times.
but i admire his gumption. he gets in there and does things. he tries. and at least, he actually holds and goes to town meetings. not like the rest of the dhimmicrat cowards.
should be in jail though

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