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August 8, 2009

UFC 101 Liveblog

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Some Random Arab girl

well, i’m sort of going to blog this event. more like blogging the day.

so it’s 2. the ufc doesn’t start til around 8. and i’m cleaning like the wind!

friends may start showing up as early as 3. back in the day, i used to host kung fu theater at m house every couple of months or so. this weas alwas around 3. that way, we could eat, and see a flick or two, and then it was time to head out for the night.

but tonight. the event is late. tkd people are still coming early i think. we’ll have some kind of mini kunu theater while we wait for the real KUNG FU to start.

so. i’m trying to get my ground floor sparkling real fast.

i have no single roomn really presentable yet, but i’ve been cleaning all morning and am getting close all around. it’s time to start knocking individual rooms out. get into a room and not leave til it is military clean!

first up. bathroom, then foyer, then dining room. those should not take long at all. then kitchen, then the viewing room last.

i’ll be back

2:38 in the pm.  Bathroom is passable now. foyer is passable. Almost with the dining room, but i had to stop and cycle laundry. i forgot about that. last load is in the washer now. i think i am going to pause for some soup. i’ve had nothing to eat yet.

2:55 in the pm. dining room is clean and vacuumed. yeay soup! time too start the kitchen.

4:08 pm. wow. am i running late?! cycled the laundry again. last load is in the dryer. dining room is long done. kitchen is done. halfway done with my living room. need a quick break.

heh. 4:55 and i’m ready! nobody has shown up yet. i’m running to the liquor store real quick.

6:33. first guests have arrived. roy and adolfo

6:45: jo shows up. we’re drinking beer

THE NEXT DAY… well, once everybody showed up, we just started drinking and talking shit. i can’t believe that forrest griffon got ko’d in the first round. unbelievable. bj did well. but more importantly, k-flo did himself well as well. getting eaten by bj penn is no shame. i met k-flo in astan and was cheering for him. wasn’t to be.

had a good time and will no doubt do it again…. ufc 102 anyone?

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