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August 6, 2009


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All, in order to save y’all the trouble of turning me in to the annointed one. I’ve done it myself.

Hat tip to “Doc Weasel” for the excellent pic.

Hat tip to the fabulous Moxie for the idea. I read her far too seldom.

Subj: Rotten in Denmark

Text: Sirs,

I’d like to report some fishy behavior and beliefs by myself. In fact, I need to turn myself in.

1. I have observed that “The One” (Hereafter referred to as TO) campaigned on the promise of cutting taxes on 95% of Americans. I’ll forego the obvious bs that non-tax payers cannot have their taxes cut. Dispute it and you are a moron. But I recognize that a 60 cent (to be increased later to a full $) per pack of cigarettes tax increase is in fact NOT a tax-cut, but a tax increase. Since most of the smokers in the US fall within that 95%, I say TO is a liar and broke his campaign promise. He raised taxes. Not 1 dime, but 6, on some of the poorest citizens in our country. There are numerous examples of his breach of promise (contract) regarding non-increasing of taxes. This is just one.
2. Now, in regard to the proposed health care debacle currently before congress, TO promises that he is not pursuing a single payer option. This is in opposition to the videos of TO in the last couple of years stating that exact thing as his end goal. I remind you of the obvious conclusion in 1 above that TO is a liar.

3. In light of the fact that JOKEbama is a proven liar, I am forced to conclude that TO is in fact lying. Again. He IS seeking a single payer (monopoly) option for healthcare.
4. Your public request for Americans to turn on neighbors, coworkers, and family and turn them in to you as “fishy” is the most golden example of your own Stalinist –> Gulag, or Nazi –> Auschwitz, or Kampuchean –> Killing Fields Socialist state tactics I have yet seen.

I’ll be alerting as many people as I can to the bs antics of TO at every opportunity.

Systems Engineer

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  1. Biting the hand, eh? Haven’t you heard that the One is firing all persons working for the government that question His policies? It’s a dangerous game you play, my friend.

    Comment by yup — August 8, 2009 @ 10:41 am

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