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August 4, 2009

UFC 101

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so i’m having a little bit of a ho-down at my house for ufc 101

inviting people from work and tkd to hop over to watch the fights, and have a little food and beer.

we’ll see how this goes…. i’ve done it before, always on short notice and then had few people show up. i’ve given lots of notice this time, and notified people via facebook and other means.

i hope to have 10-20 people.

hopefully no fights will break out. everyone is either a martial artist, or a soldier. heh

so the card looks good. k-flo will fight baby j, and forrest is going to try and giv e anderson silva a battle. that guy is just kicking everyone’s butt.

don’t know much about the rest of the card. i’m sure there’ll be some good fights though.

and this raises the issue. how come dana white doesn’t allow the entire card to be shown? i mean, come on! we’re paying big bucks for the ppv event. there are typically around 8-10 fights, and he will televise 5-6 of them.

why not all?

and one last thought. anyone want to stop by? this saturday. my house.

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