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August 3, 2009


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so i’m growing peppers in my house now.

back in the day in maryland, i had this pepper plant that a coworker gave me. it produced lots of peppers. i think at one time i had more than 40 peppers on it.

i used to pick them and use them to cook.

so i mailed off for some seeds …. and now i have plants.

and now, i actually have some grow lights to help them grow while inside.  i’ve moved my best plants to actual pots and not just peat containers. so far i have serrano and apache chili peppers.
my plants are still really small, but they have plenty of room to grow in the big pots i got for them.

i’ll post pics if and when they get of decent size.

my neighbors probably think i am growing pot.

and i am about ready to try a second batch, this time i will have cayenne, and sport peppers.

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