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August 2, 2009

Spreading the Wealth

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want a free 4K?

obama is giving it away.

it drives me ananas that the socialists call this a stimulus program.

the cash for clunkers is a spreading the wealth program plain and simple.

who is it that drives clunkers? the poor. who is just flat out giving them a check for a nicer car? obama.

he said it in the campaign and people just don’t listen.

except of course for the people in line to get the money. they heard him loud and clear. free 4k? plus a 3-4k rebate from the govt company (supposedly broke, but can give away money).

sweet! 7-8 grand for a new car? let me trade that pos in right now!

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  1. Ironically, some of the top cars benefiting from this program are foreign. (Those that aren’t Hummers, that is.) They may have assembly lines in the US, but they don’t play ball with the unions. (Toyota, for example.) The One has gotta be unhappy with such results…

    Comment by yup — August 8, 2009 @ 10:46 am

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