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July 18, 2009


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so we went out after practice last night.

had killer nachos and margaritas at a place called chachos.

real texmex. and that means a ton of cheese. margaritas were awesome.

talked shit, talked more shit, and then, we talked shit.

girls softball team landed behind us. some girls birthday was in front of us. she was wearing an “i (heart) the cock” t-shirt.  mike winked at her and mouthed “oh yeah?” and she just winked back and nodded yeah.

classy girl. heh

this was texas remember? couple of parents brought their oh. 14 year old daughter with us. kind of a faux date for her and another guy with us who is 16-18. it was fun watching them. especially watching the mom feed her daughter margaritas.

yeah. in texas. that’s legal.

fed her margaritas and made her chair dance. which of course meant we all were very shortly.

class has been brutal the last few workouts. which is good. working my lungs. and i’m sore. good sweat soaking through my uniform and soaking my belt, type workout.

promotion soon. my old school buddies have threatened a massive beat down next time they see me.

life is fun. 😉

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