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July 13, 2009

UFC 100

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so i watched the 100th ufc. which is really more like ufc 107 because of fight nights and what not.

first, i went to a bar and it turned out they refused to turn down the music, so i would have had to watch it without hearing any announcements, strategy, or smack talk. no can do. i booked an tried 3 more bars, well, really more like restaurants with bars, and they were all standing room only.

ufc is popular as shit now.

used to be hard to find someplace to see it. now it’s hard to get a table.

i eventually punted and just went came home.

originally, i was going to have a small event at my house, but on short notice, my friends weren’t able to get kitchen passes. so i canx’d that.

i missed the first fight, and the first round of henderson bisping. and then saw the knock out.

gsp at least had a fight go the distance.  alves could compete.

and by the way, alves is in my lineage so to speak. my school in maryland derives its accreditation from american top team, and thiago alves, is american top team trained. so guess who i was cheering for?

lesnar. he’s a beast! and good for the sport, i think.

the first ever yfc i saw was ufc5. the first fight of that event was won by dave “tank” abbott. the tank was abad boy. he liked not just to win, or compete, but to hurt his opponent. in no time, anti-fans were waving signs against him. saying not to hurt his hand when he tapped out. and he had to tap more than a few times.

people hated tank. and still do i think.

people are starting to hate lesnar. of course, as the crowd boo’ed him after his win over frank mir, flipping them off won him no new fans. he yelled at a bloody mir as he got off the mat to talk all the shit he wants now. sentiment may be true, but lesnar is not putting forward a nice front.

and being the nad guy…. will draw fans to events, just to see someone beat him.

come on shane carwin!

john fitch is a tough bastard.

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