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July 8, 2009

Home Yet Again

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Afghani woman with a pistol

So I made it home from DC.


I didn’t get out til Wednesday around 10.

I drove for 17 hours and made it to Mobile, Alabama. West side of Mobile on I-10. It is soooo nice to be in the South again!  17 hours was rough though. I grabbed 6 hours of sleep or so, plus a shower and hit the road again.  Didn’t want to, but the only way to get home was to sit behind the wheel and keep going.

10-11 hours later…. San Antonio.

I got really lucky because I hit Houston right at 5 pm.  I was lucky because I managed to make it through that place at the start of rush hour on the 4th of July weekend (it was Thurbado)(I’m inventing with Spanish). There were times just west of downtown that I thought I was going to hit major traffic, but somehow, we all managed to keep moving.  I heard on the radio as I neared Katy there was a major accident and corresponding backup just behind me. Luckyyyy.

That was my trip home. Tuesday and Wednesday this last week.

Fribado, I slept a little late, got up and drove to Austin for the TKD Jr Olympics. I love watching the sparring.  I have a few random videos and may post some. Later involved some beer at the Hagman’s and the quote below.

Sabado, I drove up to see my folks and sisters plus some fireworks. Always nice to see the family. I also took my wireless router up here so I can have wireless at my dad’s house. This means none at my house for a bit.

Sunbado was the drive home again. TOO MUCH DRIVING!

Monbado was a relax day. I have SOOO much to do at my house. No work.

Tuebado. No work but I got started on things other than just cleaning casa mlah. My doc had an opening for Wednesday afternoon. So I grabbed it. Went to TKD and worked out. My 3rd Dan is in and waiting for me to test. I had no sparring gear with me and it was combat night.  I jusssssst missed Mohawk Monday. Got a locker again. Yeay!
Wednesday. Got badged in at work. Saw old friends. Had lunch with an old coworker who was in Deutschland with me. And got internet re-setup. Should finish laundry tonight and be prepped to getting my house ready for Sabado.  New medication for HT.  See what it does. Lab work looks good, but doc wants blood again.
Everybody going to watch the UFC 100 right? Come over if you feel like it…..

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  1. that’s a helluva lot of driving.

    But, glad you’re home!

    Comment by Da Goddess — July 13, 2009 @ 6:20 am

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