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April 7, 2009

The Wider War

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the goal posts have moved.

various nations change their foreign policy objectives based on the world around them.

you might at first think “of course they do, we all do that. every country does”

but really? don’t some nations set their goals based on right and wrong? damn the odds? damn what others think, i’m going to do what is right? and other nations examine what they think tey can get and change their conduct and diplomacy accordingly.

obama has just launched the single largest spending increase in human history. and at the same time, he cut military sending.

is it any wonder that nkorea is testig icbms? tha iran is doing the same? that both countries are continuing their nuclear weapons programs?

sad thing is, for nkorea, their wmd programs were a means to blackmail the intl community into giving them concessions.

not anymore. now they will sell.

but no matter what you think. no matter whether you agree or not. the important thing here is to not lose sight of the entire planet.

no, not an appeal to environmentalism.

simply stating the unobvious.

as nkorea and iran demand the attention of the world community, the stage is set for other actors to begin pursuit of heretofore unobtainable, even unthinkable, goals.

who will thee new players be? nah. of course hugo in veezuela will act up. cuba? i think they are more likely to open up. the people are yearning for freedom, and the worlds market (despite the recession) is right at their doorstep.

nah. i’m saying to look for other newer faces to raise their voices.

all the usuals will be there. nkorea, iran, venezuela, syria and the transnational groups, AQ, hizballah and hamas.

who may the new boisterious ones be?

i’m prognosticating. and i’ve been thinking hard about this for a few weeks now.

(and right now i am listening to the people in the hotel room next to me yell at each other over legal issues. some girl is getting subpoened. hey, they’re YELLING)


south america: look for bolivia to act up. their pres is trying to legalize coca. may have already in bolivia. but trying to legitimize the coca trade worldwide would make bolivia, and him personally i’m sure, rich. and this as bho will cut support to colombia.

europe: chechnya may well flare up again. add dagestan to that equation and there are problems for a broke russia.

middle east:  been a long time since israel did anything. people rag on shrub, but he actually did manage to keep israel fairly quiet. and for you youngsters, you are about to learn what real military operations are. israelis going to bomb iran. no great prediction here. but what wll be the consequences? and no, they will not overfly iraq. they will fly all the way down the red sea, around yemen and oman, bomb iran, and return the same way.
egypt: egypt may well seize israeli bombing of iran as the excuse to distance themselves from the us, and improve relations with the muslim middle east. egypt will demand the us distance themselves (that’s us) from israel, and even bho will find that politically difficult.
asia. two troublespots not usually reported in our news. indonesia and burma. burma gets a little attention now as a human rights violator. they will seize bho’s lack of will to further liquidate dissidents. indonesia will do the same to suppress any further breakaway movements.

it is going to be a dark 4 years for the world. but liberals won’t see it. they may well invent lies to blame it on the right. (like they did with the origin of weapons in the mexican unrest).  but they don’t really care about individuals. they never have. for liberals, all that matters is society. the good of the many. the individual falls by the wayside.

and many individuals are about to fall by the wayside. into the trench by the side of the road. in open graves. worldwide.

not just reactionary nations will disappear in the coming struggle, entire reactionary peoples will cease to exist. — marx

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