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March 16, 2009


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Stag Vacation in Tallinn

so whilst in iraq, i started surfing the web for some kind of wild vacation to take

now, i’m at a disadvantage when it comes to vacations.

i’m single, and i don’t have a girlfriend

on a quick sidenote, if you’re a hot chick and single, email me. maybe we can go on vacation together, 😉
Hoy chicks in Tallinn

back to my story.

being single, a lot of stuff just doesn’t work. no trips to paris. (ever). no cruises. and yes, i know they have singles cruises. but in my many surfings, i quickly discovered that “singles”, commonly means gay. and i don’t really care, but i had to figure out how to find a vacation for me.

so i started playing around with search terms in google. a good string was just plain bachelor vacations. “gay” guys usually don’t describe themselves as bachelors.

i soon discovered that “bachelor vacations” listed a whole bunch of sites which offered “stag” vacations.

a little further research revealed that the brits refer to what we commonly call bachelor and bachelorette parties as “stag” and “hen” vacations.

except that we do a night, and they do a weekend. yep, the brits take a whole weekend before someone gets hitched and is off the market.

and they do it in style.

Hot chick in Tallinn

we usually take a guy to a stripper bar, and get him drunk. stick him up on stage and let the dancers make a fool of him.

the brits do that too, but that’s just one night.

the brits fly all over the uk, and now europe as well. i’ve seen a couple of the sites that even offer stag trips to vegas and nyc.

now the real draw, as far as i am concerned, are the “other” activities.

yeah, they have the “day” activities and then the “night” activities. night activities are what you would expect. dinner and strippers. for girls, it’s dinner and discos.

but the day fun includes,


4 wheeling

archery lessons and hunts

aerobatic plane rides

kalashnikov firing, as well as shotguns and pistols.

demolition derbys

tank driving

soccer games

having the bachelor kidnapped


and more.

what initially drew my attention was a jet ride. you actually got to pilot a jet with a rear seat pilot for 500 bucks! that has now disappeared.

these mostly exist in eastern europe. and of course, the girls in eastern europe are a little soft on the eyes as well. main sites include, tallinn, estonia; prague, czech rep; budapest, hungary; warsaw, poland, minsk, belarus; kiev, ukraine; and many many more. they actually have a local girl meet you at the airport and then escort you around the city for the vacation.

she arranges transportation to and from the airport, and books reservations for all your activities. reserves rooms for dinners complete with entertainment and gains vip passes to requested clubs. she also tries to make sure you avoid the troubled areas of whichever city you are visiting.
Hot chick in Tallinn

so if anybody wants to go, first, check these sites, then let me know….

red 7

chili sauce

party in tallinn


dogs baltics


  1. Haahahah! We almost went ‘tank driving’ while we were in Hungary!

    Comment by Dz — April 24, 2009 @ 8:24 pm

  2. should have gone… you should have gone!

    Comment by mlah — April 25, 2009 @ 8:36 pm

  3. If you need help to organise your hen night or stag weekend talk to the guys at Last Night of Freedom

    Comment by Stag Weekends — December 9, 2010 @ 6:35 am

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