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March 9, 2009

The List of 5

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been a while huh?

Olga Kurylenko

i used to do these a lot more reliably than i used to and i’m trying to start posting more than just my hatred of the coming national socialist agenda. see how many get that.

so, as i sit here burning data dvd’s to mail to friends in baghdad, and bagram, here’s a little fluff.

my updated list of 5 in no particular order.

1.  katie cassidy – yes, she’s the daughter of david cassidy.  love her in supernatural as “ruby” for a bit. she’s done and gone now.
2.  taylor momsen – she plays a little high school sophmore on gossip girl. i checked, she’s of age so spare me!
3.  britt mckillip – ah, the original “dead like me” ended but they just did a straight to dvd movie. britt plays the now 5 years older reggie. and she looks good doing it.
4.  summer glau – face it. she’s from san antonio. how could i not put her here? she was “river tam” in firefly and now plays a terminator in the sarah connor chronicles
5.  natalie dormer – anne boleyn in “the tudors”, ’til she lost her head.
6.  madeline zima – again with the underage girl played by an of age girl. madeline plays a little hs girl who has a fetish of punching her partner during sex.
7.  cote de pablo – still looking good on ncis. she was in that ‘zohan’ movie too. she’s chilean, but is getting type cast as a semitic girl.
8.  olga kurylenko – loved her in “hitman”.  when’s she doing something more?
9.  kate beckinsale – i’ve thought she was uber hot since i first saw her in “last days of disco”
10. tricia helfer – 6, or gina, or caprica 6. battlestar stalwart.

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  1. Summer Glau. She has her moments. I did however notice that her character in Firefly (My favorite sci-fi that died prematurely) and Cameron on the Sarah Connor chronicles are more or less the same… Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

    Madeline. You are referencing Californication? That show makes me laugh my ass off and then feel uncomfortable. Only show that I could characterize as hilariously disconcerting…

    Comment by Ambivalent-one — April 12, 2009 @ 12:57 am

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