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February 19, 2009


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i’m, pretty angry about this.

so i have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension.

i have it “controlled” with a lisinopril/HCTZ 20/12.5. probably more medicial information than i should share about myself.

now. when diagnosed i got my first prescription for the drug to control it. i got a 30 tablet batch, with 6 total fills. so i could go to the pharmacy and get it filled, and have 5 refills.

what this means is that every 6 months or so i have to go see the doc.  usually, she runs blood work on me once a year or so, and writes me another scrip. 30 tablets, 6 times.

now, when at the pharmacy, i fill out the forms, give them personal info, give them the prescription, and give them my insurance info.

yes, i have medical insurance.

when i pick up my refill, my “co-pay” … and let’s think about that term for a second. co-pay. as in p[ay from more than 1 place, or person. i always assumed it meant that i paid my part (the co-pay) and then my insurance company paid some as well.

heh. you fuckers. i hate you

so my co-pay has varied between 10-20 bucks. depending on what elections i chose with my company, and what the insurance company was offering.

right now my co-pay is 10 bucks for my drug.

a little while back i started deploying. when deploying you do not have the luxury (notice how i called it a luxury? not a right?) of just popping in to a pharmacy and picking up a refill. PLUS, the army requires me to procure at least 90 days of any prescribed medications prior to deployment. so i got my doc to NOT write my scrip for 30 tablets at a time, but for 90. 2 fills only so that i still have to go see her every 6 months or so.

this caused problems.

the damn pharmacies are slaves to insurance companies. when “filling” that scrip for the first time, they would give me 30 tablets, and 1.7 refills.

how is this legal? they changed a prescription.  doesn’t it take a doc to do that? and ONLY doctors?

when i confronted the pharmacy tech, he said he could not give me 90 tablets because the insurance company said no.

when i pointed out that my doc said yes, and threw a tantrum, they lamented and gave me the full 90 tablets. thing is, i had to pay out of my pocket full price for the next 60 tablets because the insurance company said no.

fine. i had to have the drug to get overseas. i paid, i went, i’m back

it’s been 6 months. i go to see my doc again. she writes me the same prescription as last time as everything is looking the same. yes, i get a nice stress test and more soon also, but that isn’t part of this story.

i go to a new pharmacy. i used to go to HEB because it was right down the road. they moved across the highway in a new HEB Plus while i was gone. i like it. but it is across the highway and the traffic is a pain, so i go to the new Target superstore down the road now. no traffic.

i take my new 90 tablet prescription in to tarzhay and talk to the pharmacist first to explain, yes, give me the full 90 tablets. i know i have to pay for the last 60 tablets by myself because my health insurance will say no, only 30. i was trying to nip any problems in the bud.
so the pharmacist looks at me and says that maybe i shouldn’t use the health insurance at all.


so i ask how much it costs to get 90 tablets without health insurance.

10 bucks.

blink blink!

me: so if i use my card every 30 days, i have to pay you 10 bucks co-pay each time?

her: yes

me: or i could just put the card in my pocket and pay the full amount, for 90 tablets, of 10 bucks?

her: yes


those bastards. i’ve actually been paying more than market for my drugs BECAUSE of my health insurance?

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  1. Hehe. Now I have to run check for myself.

    Of course, Tricare doesn’t give you a whole lot of latitude: taking a prescription without Tricare permission could be construed as illegal use of drugs. Depends who is doing the investigating.

    But hey, why are you worried? The gubmint is going to take charge of health care and ration it out.

    Comment by yup — February 23, 2009 @ 8:10 am

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