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October 31, 2008

Fiji Camo Party

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so i haven’t written anything about my old college exploits in a bit.

i keep in touch with my old fraternity chapter via facebook. every now and again i get to stroll down memory lane by seeing photo albums of current parties and the like.

this happened very recently.

they threw a camo party very recently, and as i was looking through my updated photo albums, i noticed it and decided to take a look.

just like days of yore, my faternity brothers are pretty much the same.

hot chicks. beer.


but i noticed something in particualr that made me chuckle. made me realize that they really are pretty much the same old parties.

ah to be at one of those parties right now…

Alyse Chadewell and Jantzen Witte
here is a picture of the very attractice alyse chadwell. gorgeous girl isn’t she? the male attached to her arm, and phi gamm extraordinaire, is jantzen witte. the guy in the back, ruining the pic, is one tyler smith.

but in typical fiji fashion. and yes i know, it is a chica taking action here, but we do pick them well. true fiji fashion, brother smith was assisted from the picture so that the two could have a nice olan mills moment.

the result?

Fiji Tyler Smith gets Faced!

classic fiji foto

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