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October 9, 2008

Liberal Attacks

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Hot iranian chick

so, a while back, it was in vogue for liberals to attack conservatives. PHYSICALLY.

and no, this isn’t aimed at any of my readers. it’s just a little entertainment i’m hoping for.
it was documented on malkin quite a bit. she even wrote about the phenomenon first hand.

here’s an attack on george friedman. ann coulter, bill kristol, and there are many more!

this was happening mainly on college campuses around the country.  colleges would invite liberal notables to give speeches and pay them huge amounts of money. then it was recognized that this could be seen as liberal bias since state schools are public institutions….. and therefore a no-no.

so to erase the pretense of bias, colleges would invite token conservatives to give speeches too. always at a hugely disproportionate rate. but a few would get to speak.

favorites? ann coulter and michelle malkin.

funny how the “tolerant” liberals would attack women.

and it was guys usually too who did the attacking.

the attacks usually took the form of some scare hair unwashed dude in distressed denim charging the stage and hurling a pie tin full of whipped cream at said guest speaker.

oh please, oh please, OH PLEASE!

can some asstard patchouli dude PLEASE attack sarah?

now. i’m sure your odds of success would be much higher against a girl without secret service protection. and yeah, i’m not looking for someone to end up in jail for assault. i’m not even looking for the secret service to arrest him.

i just want to watch todd palin, who is always nearlby his wife, go into attack dawg mode and beat the living shit out of said che disciple.

come on! PLEEEEEEEEASE?! it would make my week!

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  1. Maybe that “Don’t taze me bro” idiot can help out here? If he’s not busy.

    Comment by dogette — October 9, 2008 @ 6:56 pm

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