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October 5, 2008


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So I was at work yesterday and “conan the barbarian” came on.

I loved this show

And still do.

I’ll spare you the full synopsis, if you don’t know the movie, watch it.

I’ve had nothing but good memories from this flick. Well mostly. But this is an action movie in the real sense. Not Indiana jones type action where the characters are yelling to each other their lines as they fly around.

Conan has very little dialogue. In this movie, the action is the communication.

First off. Sheez I’m old. I actually saw this show in the theatre. One of the first movies I ever went to as an adult. Prior to this show, the only time I had spent in movie theatres was as a birthday treat to see a Disney flick at age 8 or so.

So here it was, spring ’82 or so, and I remember that timeframe for this reason. It was spring football practice in texas. And I was a linebacker. Very much running. Very much impact. Very huge amounts of food. And spring game was Friday. Friday, with three weeks left my junior year of highschool. Spring game is when schools divide their players in half and scrimmage themselves. Texas law prohibits spring meetings between schools. It limits the season to the fall, and inter-school meetings were viewed as a game. Ergo, verboten.

And it was thorsday. After our walk through. We pretty much just wore shimmel shirts and shorts and moved through our plays. Got our last orders. Went through a nice skull session about which players from the opposition we needed to concentrate on. And at the end of practice. We got to leave early. Early release from high school!

Oh yeah. A whole half hour or so. This is a lot for a football player in texas. Regular practice can keep you from your 2pm start time clear until 6:30 or so. That was normal.and we were leaving at 2:30.

Ah, but there is always a catch. Always.

We got to leave with marching orders to get a good night’s rest. To eat good dinners full of carbohydrates. And strict orders to be in bed by 10. Period. No girlfriends. No dates. No mall. Rest.


So a couple of friends and myself, they would be Leon Fox, Michael leonard, and Jeff Barnes snuck out.

To see the new conan movie!

The 9:30 show lasted till 11:30.

It was awesome!

And sure enough. Lights came up after the show, and lo. There, sitting right behind us was my linebackers coach. Now, larry joe cox was a cool guy. Everyone’s favorite coach. Coach cox was cool. There he was sitting behind us with his date.

Hey guys! Cool show wasn’t it!

We gulped and went home.

The next day, Friday. We played our spring game. I did well.

Game over. We left and all was good. No problems. None at all.

Monday came. We had practice. Not in pads anymore. Not until the fall. But we still had to run. Lift weights and the like. And then coach cox confronted us. Man! What’d y’all think of that show?! Big ole Arnold swinging that sword like a BAT!

Oh, it was awesome coach!

“go get me the board”

Yeah. Seeing conan the barbarian in the theatre cost my three licks.

Of course later. It redeemed itself in college. Some girls just like that kind of show. Most hate it. A few love it.

Then later in spain, I had some Norwegian girls visiting. They had never seen it and we had nothing to do yet. Waaaay too early to go out drinking. So we watched it. I remember a girl named eli who would just jump up and start swinging about hitting anything, including people, whenever that dude with the hammer would come out. Viking girl she was. Her girlfriends laughed for the most part.

Holy crap! It was an updated directors cut! There was extra footage I had never seen! The wonders of the internet never cease.

Good show. And if you liked conan, and haven’t yet seen the 13th warrior, see it. Good show too.

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  1. I liked Conan, but really enjoyed the 13th Warrior.

    You may have to explain to the young ‘uns the concept of a school coach actually applying physical discipline to your young butt, however. “Swats” just isn’t a word you hear in context like that anymore!


    Comment by Joan of Argghh! — October 5, 2008 @ 7:33 am

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