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October 31, 2008

Fiji Camo Party

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so i haven’t written anything about my old college exploits in a bit.

i keep in touch with my old fraternity chapter via facebook. every now and again i get to stroll down memory lane by seeing photo albums of current parties and the like.

this happened very recently.


October 28, 2008


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Halloween candy

October 26, 2008

Born in the USA

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Hot bikini chicks
i was.


October 15, 2008


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October 11, 2008


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Boomer Sooner

single most important day in college football


October 9, 2008

Liberal Attacks

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Hot iranian chick

so, a while back, it was in vogue for liberals to attack conservatives. PHYSICALLY.

and no, this isn’t aimed at any of my readers. it’s just a little entertainment i’m hoping for.

October 8, 2008


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so answer me this.

if 40% of the american populace pays NO taxes, how can obamessiah claim he is going to cut taxes for 95% of americans?

i mean, that would really mean that 55% of americans get a tax cut, and the 40% who already pay no taxes would then get a rebate check. assuming of course that the 5% richest pay the increase.

class warfare. eliminate the rich and reddistribute their wealth to the poor. socialism plain and simple.

but more importantly.  obama made this exact same pledge to illinois citizens during his campaign for senate. he NEVER even made a simple proposal to bring it about.

campaign lie.

what would obama do if actually elected? nobody knows. not even him. tax cuts? not going to happen. obama is a liar.

and i will refer you to this post when he in fact raises taxes. if elected.

October 5, 2008


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So I was at work yesterday and “conan the barbarian” came on.

I loved this show


October 3, 2008


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so, sarah palin isn’t the rube the msm makes her out to be.

she did better against biden than obama did against mccain.

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