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September 17, 2008

Tim’s BBQ Shack

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Tim's BBQ Shack

yeah, every so often i have to get away from the chow hall

ok. take a break for a moment and back up. for those of you who don’t know, i’m in baghdad, on camp slayer. i eat at an army chow hall 99% of the time.

it sucks ass.

to make matters worse, i work a midshift, which means i only get to eat the “midrats” and breakfast meals. and that gets old really f’n fast. midrats are basically, leftovers, except the indian cooks actually cook everything a second time, so it is especially f’d up leftovers. and breakfast is the same every freakin time. sheez, will i have an omelette, or instand scrambled eggs?

today i had pop tarts, for a change.

anyhow. there are a few food establishments on Victory Base Complex (VBC).  there is a taco bell over by main px, a burger king and a subway too. i’ve heard there is even a no-name pizza house. but i haven’t eaten there yet. oh, a pizza hut over by the 24 hour px too. but that’s about it.

if you want to eat, it’s one of those fast food places, none of which are like their american counterparts, or the px. i get some spicy korean ramen in the mail every once in a while. and long for homebaked cookies (hint, hint, hint), but pretty much, it’s the shitty chow hall.

today, i bucked the odds and went to tim’s bbq shack. for those of you here who might be reading this and are on vbc, tim’s bbq is located on camp slayer, A-45R. heh

what happens is that my roomie, that would be tim, and i go to the px and buy frozen bubba burgers and oscar meyer wieners, and cook out.  we get some other extreme luxuries too, like garlic bread….. and chicken.

and it is a cookfest!

after procuring the basics, we usually dispatch random people (jose) to the chow hall to acquire necessities like cheese slices, and chile. lettuce, tomatoes and onions for the burgers.

and after we make fun of him for the plethora of sour cream and potatoes he brings back, we feast.

tonight was one such occasion.

4.95$ a plate. free if you’re a hot girl.

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