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September 15, 2008

Cable Series’

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Burqa Chick

Iíve been following some shows produced by non mainstream networks.† The
first of these I started watching was Rome.

Rome is a Soprano like series, and no I never got into the Sopranos, in
that it deals with basically the Italian mob.† However, Rome differs
greatly from the Sopranos in that the Sopranos dealt in illegalities. They
break laws and try to keep their activities unknown to the police, or
government in general.† For the aristocracy of Rome, there were no such
worries.†† They ARE the law.† Basic plotline?† Caesar only mentioned two
soldiers in the writings of his we still have.† HBO took those two names
and made them the main characters in a Roman Empire story of intrigue and
murder.† Caesar battles Pompei, Anthony Battles Brutus. Cleopatra screws
her way wherever she wants to go. And all the while, the major world
events are being related from the point of view of two soldiers.† 2
seasons. It was the most expensive series ever produced. So only two

Entourage.† Mark Wahlburg helps produce the basic story of his younger
life when he left Queens and landed in Hollywood.† This is a guy show. It
is simply HBO relating the story of 4 guys living off the wealth of the
movie business trying to get laid.† It is full of good guy jokes and nude
girls.† If thatís what you like, itís a good series, else, avoid it. Lots
and lots of celebrity guest spots.† Jessica Alba, Ana Faris, Dennis Hopper

Tripping the Rift.† Bad cartoon humor with evil clowns.† Full of sexist
jokes and bouncing boobs.† I watched it for the obvious reasons.† SciFi.
They actually made a movie too.

The Shield.† Bad cop in LA busts badder guys. Good cop show but really
really raw.† They pull no punches and put everything out there. Right
square in your face.† Good music too.† This show was on FX and I quit
watching it after about 3 seasons.† Just started to get old.

Battlestar Galactica.† This show is on SciFi and I love it.† It was a
series way back in the day.† Reimagined and redone. Very well.† Everybody
I have ever talked into watching the first show, the little miniseries,
has fallen in love with this show and watched it ALL.† Basically, 12
planets worth of people get nuked into oblivion by terminators and have to
flee.† All that is left are some 40 civilian spaceships protected by just
one Battlestar.† Kind of like an aircraft carrier in space. They are in
course searching for Earth.† This series was the highest ever watched
non-network tv show.† Season 3 started to fall of on viewership some, so
they decided season 4 would be it.† Itís halfway done. Last 10 episodes
start in January.

Terminator:† Sarah Conner Chronicles. New attempt at continuing the story
of skynet and the machines attempt at exterminating mankind.† Basically,
paranoid Sarah flees everything and hides her identity, and her sonís.
Like T2, there is a ďgoodĒ terminator who helps defend John.† This
terminator is played by Summer Glau of Firefly fame.† She alone is worth
watching the series.† Sheís a bit like Data in STNG in that she is trying
to learn and mimic human emotions and responses to real world events.
Iíll keep watching this.

Firefly.† I was told about this show, the precursor to the movie
ďSerenityĒ, be a coworker who holds this show as an all time favorite.† It
is quite fun.† Itís a science fiction show that ran one season and folded
but is worth the watch if you stumble across it.† Now, although I said
itís science fiction, itís really more of a western.† It is kind of like
the movies ďAlienĒ where mankind has colonized tons of worlds and star
systems.† But on the planets furthest from ďthe developed CoreĒ, itís the
wild wild west.† Main characters fly around in a freighter smuggling stuff
and avoid nasty flesh eating pirate types, and the government of course.
Summer Glau, a San Antonio girl, is in it so that is a plus.

Deadwood.† HBO series.† It is the wild west during a gold rush in the
black hills of South Dakota.† Gold rush town Deadwood is full of gamblers
and miners and hookers and gunfighters.† Notable real life persons
portrayed include Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickcock, and William Randolph
Hearst.† Girls tend to not like this show too much because virtually all
of the females in this show are hookers.† Oh, that and because every other
word is profane.† Very good show though, if you can get past that. 3


  1. entourage is a must for me. Love it!

    Deadwood — I was late to the party but caught up quickly. I miss it. Weird but true fact, I am now friends with one of the actors.

    don’t watch the rest you mentioned, but highly recommend Big Love.

    Also, on Showtime, I’m addicted to Dexter and Weeds. Good stuff!

    You should check out Burn Notice on USA (season ends Thursday, but DVDs and online viewing should help you catch up). Same with In Plain Sight.

    Comment by Da Goddess — September 15, 2008 @ 5:21 pm

  2. i’m watching dexter now! it’s soooo dark!

    i’n episode 10 or so of season1, so almost on to s2.

    really, if you liked deadwood, give firefly a chance. it’s only one season, so it’d be fast

    Comment by mlah — September 16, 2008 @ 12:38 am

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