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September 14, 2008


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Anastasia LiukenSO, now that it looks like I’m going to have my internet back, I can
resume some posting. But thing is, there are so many things I wanted to
post while I was down.

I’m going to post a few of them anyway, and then dive into the ongoing
presidential race.

The Olympics.

I love the Olympics. For many many reasons.  Number one are the off the
wall sports. I love sports and will try most anything. I just love to
play.  So before I talk about something y’all will never believe is coming
out of a post about the Olympics, let me just take a few minutes to talk
about the Games.

First. Some things just shouldn’t be considered a sport.  Synchronized
swimming? Get the fuck out of town.  Rhythmic gymnastics? Oh, it is so
pretty to watch, but it just isn’t a sport.

Everything else is pretty ok. Unless you want to talk winter Olympics. In
that case, throw out ice dancing too. Now now, I know people will insist
curling isn’t a sport, but I like it. Back to Beijing.

Phelps is a bad ass. What can you say? We were joking here when we found
out that he has size 17 feet. We figure hius high school coach must have
just freaked out when he saw some gangly kid strolling down a jr high
school hallway, all arms and flippers. I mean feet.

How about that 41 year old swimmer chick?! Love her!

Ah gymnastics.  Some people will assert that gymnastics are not sports
either, but I’m sorry. I told you earlier that I will try most anything.
But if there is one thing I will not ever try, it is a flip on a 4 inch
wide beam up off of the floor! THAT is absolutely AMAZING to me.

The Chinese were too young; ie, they cheated.  Shawn Johnson and ANASTASIA
Liuken?  Bee-you-tee-full. I’ve said it before, I’m partial to the skinny
girls, so Liuken is uber hot to me.

But now let’s go off on a tangent as I so often do.

A hallmark of the Olympics is the competition. NO PLACE better.  Phelps
won a gold by 1/100th of a second. The Freench talked shit, and were
forced to eat it, as so often happens to shit talkers. Did you watch the
heats of the sprints? Some may laugh at the Bulgarian chick lumbering down
the track for dead last in the 100 meters. Laugh if you like, but she beat
me, and she beat you too. She’s there. She’s running. She’s an Olympian.
I’m just a spectator and so were  you.

Competition.  No place better than the Olympics, and oh so important to
our everyday lives.  We are watching a classic battle in politics right
now, between the Realist Free Market that has made us rich, and our lives
easy, and the Socialist Command Economy of cooperation.  You see, the
economic model that “The ONE” is offering to change us to has been used
before, and shuns “competition”.  Socialism claims that when people
cooperate, they are far more productive than when they compete against
each other.  It is with this belief that Marx predicted socialist
economies would outproduce the Free Market. Riiiiiiight.

And come back to the Olympics.  Consider the 100 meters.  10 racers
zooming down the track. Each striving for Gold.  NOBODY wants to finish
last.  True, some have no real hope of winning, but are there to COMPETE

But ask yourself as you recall Usain Bolt kicking ass down the track. Did
we all win?  Did Usain Bolt run his fastest to cooperate with the other
runners?  Or did he want that gold for himself?  And even more important,
when you listen to those nitwit elementary school teachers telling little
kids that “everyone wins” in their little “no-competition” race, ask
yourself, is everyone really running their best?  If everyone at the
Olympics got gold medals in every event, would they be doing their
ABOSLUTE best? Would those records have been broken?

So when you listen to both candidates talking about change, one of them
choosing to keep the Free-Market that has served us so well for 200+ years
and change the way politicians are strangling the economy with pork, the
second desiring to change our entire economic model to a socialist
economic model, LAUGH! Laugh hard.  EVERY single time in history the
vaunted efficiency and superiority of cooperation over competition has
been tried, it has failed. FAILED miserably.

The wages  of socialism are poverty. The wages of the Free Market are

The Olympics epitomize the Realist Free Market.  Each athlete striving not
just for a personal best, but trying for the pinnacle, for the very mount
of Olympus itself.  To be king for a day. To beat EVERYONE else in the

Not for the common good. I didn’t win gold when those two tall leggy girls
won the gold in beach volleyball. Neither did you, and neither did anyone


  1. You accept the assinine decision of the IOC to keep Olympic Trampoline events and cut Olympic Baseball??

    Oprah is nervous about her boy’s competition, even. She refuses to interview Palin until after the election. Feh.

    Comment by yup — September 15, 2008 @ 10:55 pm

  2. i do not agree with trampoline as a sport, unless all of the competitors are female, and forced to wear catholic schoolgirl uniforms while competing.

    baseball should not be removed. neither should softball or tkd. largest martial art in the world. most practiced anyway. they will keep boxing, judo, fencing, and wrestling? but throw out tkd? pshaw.

    it’s been a while. i have a lot of posts i want to get up.

    Comment by mlah — September 16, 2008 @ 12:42 am

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