mlah The ďcultureĒ that has evolved here isnít conducive to sissies

September 25, 2008

Reaping Havoc

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Dead Like Me

i really like this show.


September 24, 2008


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Hot blonde chick

mmmhmmm. don’t you just love the plethora of public service internet sites out there just serving the common good?


September 20, 2008

Financial Crisis

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Muslim Eye

so the financial crisis is stemming from the default on high risk home loans.

it’s not an exact statement, but that’s pretty much where the root of the problem is coming from.


September 18, 2008


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Christian girl

are you shittin me?

joe f’n biden? he’s an f’n TOOL!


September 17, 2008


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Jose Hance

my asshole is itching. time for me to shave again!

— jose hance

Tim’s BBQ Shack

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Tim's BBQ Shack

yeah, every so often i have to get away from the chow hall


September 16, 2008


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Baghdad Sandstorm

the sky is orange!

this was taken around 2:30 yesterday, right outside my door.

September 15, 2008

Cable Series’

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Burqa Chick

Iíve been following some shows produced by non mainstream networks.† The
first of these I started watching was Rome.


September 14, 2008


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Anastasia LiukenSO, now that it looks like Iím going to have my internet back, I can
resume some posting. But thing is, there are so many things I wanted to
post while I was down.

Iím going to post a few of them anyway, and then dive into the ongoing
presidential race.

The Olympics.


September 12, 2008

Back Again

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well. looks like i am back again. at least for the moment.† the equipment loss and repair that has had my internet down for the last month, nearly. seems to be mostly repaired.

i’m still up and down, but can at least check mail. if it stays like this, i should at least be able to get a few posts out.

September 5, 2008


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well. sort of. we’ll see how long this shit works. been offline in the hooch for more than 2 weeks day, around a week ago. sniperhill actually came back online, only lng enough for me to renew my subscription, and then shit itself once again.


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