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August 4, 2008

Socialized Medicine

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Harem Girls

So you think you like socialized medicine? Thereís a whole lot of smack being thrown around the airwaves about national healthcare. Letís go ahead and explore some of the facts about socialized medicine.

First, they call it ďnational healthcareĒ, not socialized medicine because of the stigma that socialized anything carries with it. What stigma? Look at the failures of eastern europe. Socialism fails. So when they call it national healthcare they are acknowleding that it is not a proposal born out of something commonly viewed as popular to begin with. And if they canít even say what it is they are proposing, why on earth would you support it.

Now, letís talk about this bullshit belief that healthcare cheapens the cost of automobile maufacturing. The largest amount of cars manufactured in north america used to be in detroit. That fact has changed. Ontario now makes more. This is true because GM has moved much of its manufacturing from Detroit across the border to Canada. Ostensibly this is because GM has to pay 6500 dollars per year, per employee in Detroit, whereas they only pay 800 buucks per year in Canada.

This quick point so lauded by the liberal left as justification for socialized medicine has many flaws in it. First, the amount of pay that GM pays itís auto workers comes in many forms. Only some of it is in the form of healthcare benefits. It also pays salary and other things such as retirement, vacation and education. These all cost more in Detroit than they do in Canada. GM makes savings across the board on emplyee pay in Canada. To cite healthcare alone is juvenile. This is similar to moving an operation from NYC to San Antonio where the property values are what? A third of the cost in NYC? Correspondingly, salraies are lower. And then concluding that the nation should adopt a costly piece of socialism because healthcare is cheaper in Canada.

And keep in mind, this whole issue about GM finding it unproftable to make cars in the US, and subsequently moving their operations to Canada happens at the same time that Toyota is starting new operations in Michigan. Funny how Toyota can make a buck, but GM canít? is the contract the UAW has with Toyota the same contract they have with GM? Could it just be that GM has become a bloated and inefficient company? Could it be that the UAW is throttling GM with too many benefits? That the Detroit employees are pricing themselves right the fuck out of jobs? And because they are asstards, Iím supposed to adopt socialism?

Now. Is healthcare really cheaper in Canada? No. They just get less of it. Lierals in support of socialized medicine will tout very loudly that everyone is covered! Hooray! But what they donít tell you is that everyone is reduced to below minimum standard healthcare. If you check into it, youíll see that Canadians are skipping their ďfreeĒ heathcare at home and jumping the US border to PAY out of their own pockets to get the care they need here in the US. Plus, doctors in Canada are saying that healthcare in the US is superior. They are saying that the system in Canada is broken Amazing how none of the liberals ever talk about the quality of the healthcare system in Canada. They know it is substandard.

Why are they pushing it then? When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paulís vote. That is the crux of the reason. Democrats are buying the votes of the uninsured by promising them free healthcare.

We all know nothing is free. But the poor have no money to pay. The money has to come from somewhere. Guess who pays? Peter? You bet your ass. The taxpayer pays. But whatís worse, is that the taxpayer will have to pay the government for his own healthcare, then heíll have to pay the government for Paulís healthcare as well. Or more.

Now. Donít you believe the hype from the Obamatron that he wants to raise taxes on the rich. Itís just good rhetoric. But pay close attention to the salaries of the democrats. Guess what, theyíre all rich. The Clintonís were poor after college, and Bill sure didnít get rich as Lt Governor, or governor of Arkansas. Hillary made some money in Whitewater, but they were far from rich. Last year, the Clintons had more than 110 million bucks. And how much of that are they going to pay to your healthcare? Not much. Thanks to a byzantine tax system, the rich employ scads of lawyers and accountants to get every exemotion known. The result is that they pay shit for taxes. Oh, have I mentioned that of course they are the ones who write these exemptions into the tax system in the first place. Donít get me wrong, both parties are guilty of this. Iím just saying that despite any rhetoric coming form the self annointed prophet, the rich will continue to pay nada. The middle class will pay. So saddle up Peter, youíre going to be paying for your familyís healthcare, plus another.

And letís talk about the system. The healthcare system in place today. The system we have, not even talking about money, consists of doctors, nurses, LVNs, janitors, administrators, drug manufacturers, and the like. This is a finite number of people. Liberals are claiming right now that there are 45 million uninsured. That means they are estimating 255 million or so insured. So the current number of people providing healthcare for 255 million people would have to provide service for an additional 20% of patients. Thereabouts. Where will this 20% increase in the amount of healthcare professionals come from? Will they just wink into existance? Nah, if they donít exist, they will just continue to not be. What this means is longer hours for existing workers.

Mind you now. These longer hours (20%) longer will have to be at a lower price. The cost of healthcare is supposed to go down. Remember?

How long will those same professionals work in this system? Working 20% more for less money?

Socialism. Socialized medicine. It is little more than an elaborate effort by armchair liberals to buy the votes of the poor with the money of the working class. Have I mentioned yet that the proposed socialized medicine debacle has a price tag of a trillion dollars? BHO was going to pay for it with savings from the war, but of course now he wants to stay as long as the republicans do.

That math didn’t add anyway. some quarter of a trillion in savings was going to pay for a trillion.

Typical liberal tax and spend. Tax you and spend on their voters.

Donít buy it.


  1. Sure government-managed healthcare is not optimal in Europe and Canada. But we’re Americans. We will get it right! We will apply that good-old American know-how and a little bit of elbow grease (plus a whole lot of cash from the wealthy who earn more than $60k per year) and get a system of optimal, government-provided health care. Every American will benefit, including the undocumented minority groups.

    And obviously, since you are dirty-mouthing the Prophet Obama (PBUH), you are just a plain and simple hater.


    Comment by Yup — August 5, 2008 @ 7:02 pm

  2. Mlah,

    Good blog just remember to tone down the remarks, make it easy for folks to agree with you. I learned that lesson the hard way. I agree with many points you made regarding the socializing of medicine currently happening here in America. You may want to point out the failure of the British health system and attack the premice of everyone paying and receiving the same benefit regardless of their condition. Keep up the fight, you’re a good read.

    IS1 Adams

    PS. I met J. Ruck when I was in Iraq and found your blog through hers.

    Comment by Al Adams — August 29, 2008 @ 6:52 pm

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