mlah The “culture” that has evolved here isn’t conducive to sissies

August 27, 2008


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yeah. serious trouble here getting online. the internet cafe sucks too

August 21, 2008


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Hot Muslim Chick

so a new zogby poll has mccain up by 5 points. and a cnn poll had them dead even.


August 19, 2008

In the Last Year

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Big Chick

y’all know i had to really wonder about the last year that i’ve had?

seems like in the last 12 calendar months, i’ve just seen and done so many things.


August 15, 2008


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Mosques suck

yeah, i’m bored out here.


August 14, 2008


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Hot Chicks with Guns

we can’t really do much.


August 6, 2008


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Belly piercing with Chinese character tattoo

anyone know what a uighur is?

i do


August 4, 2008

Socialized Medicine

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Harem Girls

So you think you like socialized medicine? There’s a whole lot of smack being thrown around the airwaves about national healthcare. Let’s go ahead and explore some of the facts about socialized medicine.


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