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June 5, 2008


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so i bought a ps3 a while back. love the thing although i am seldom home to play.

yeah, i’ve heard that there are far fewer games available for a ps3 than say the xbox360.

don’t care. i bought the thing for compatability with my nieces ps2’s. if they ever visit which has yet to happen.

i have drakes fortune. don’t like it much. too damn dark. maybe some people might like that…. but i just want to be able to see. if i wanted a black screen, i could turn the damn thing off and sit there with the 6-axis controller and pretend i was playing.

assassins creed. love it but have hardly played.  i’ll get a chance to shortly

eagerly awaiting rath of the furon, destroy all humans3. i only have the first but it is sooooo funny.

i have a flying game. haven’t unwrapped it. i’ll do that soon while deployed.

i have the off road game that comes for free with the 80gb version. love it.

and i just obtained the gran turismo 5 prologue. LOVE this game. it is so realistic. i love racing and flying games. but damnit. do you think daihatsu and suzuki could have paid them any more to ensure races require their cars?

what the fuck is a suzuki cappucino?  damn thing does not handle for shit.

the wrx is sweet. i’ve got enough money now to buy a viper. in the game (well…..if i wanted).

heh. yeah. i bought the logitech steering wheel and pedals too. picture me in my living room, sitting at the voffee table, with a steering wheel, pedals, racing a wrx/sti on a 65″!

yeah baby!

i love racing games. i may just have to cart this thing upstairs so i can LAN it up not wireless and race online.

not til i get my gt40 though.


  1. Grand Theft Auto 4 man! Come on! And what’s your online username so I can add you to my friends list? We gotta play some stuff online together, as soon as you get something I have.

    Comment by medium john — June 5, 2008 @ 5:15 pm

  2. get gt5! i might get gta4. i just don’t know.

    Comment by mlah — June 6, 2008 @ 12:32 am

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