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June 24, 2008


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well. i’ve arrived for my weeklong residency.


June 23, 2008

MMA in Maryland

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Erika Dailey

i visited maryland a few days ago, and got to see a bunch of my old friends, as well as see the new mixed martial arts class my old school now offers.


June 22, 2008

Questions for the Flood

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Some random hot Israeli

things you will never hear about the flooding in the midwest.


June 21, 2008


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Afghani lovelies

what a day! part of it really really sucked, part of it was cool.


June 20, 2008

On the Road

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Muslim chicks ogle a miniskirt

on my way to vermont.

have to go to my school. while there, i’ll share a margarita with yup at some point.

may put some pictures up!

June 16, 2008


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Rev. Wright epitomizes the thoughts and actions that have prevented and
continue to prevent black America from moving ahead and achieving their
potential as a people. He suggests that this United States of America
made up of sons and daughters of immigrants (I'm talking of the millions
of 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation immigrants in this country) of every race,
creed, color and religion each and everyone of them who had nothing to
do with slavery, some how owe something to a group of people who have
never been slaves? Its amazing. It seems everyone is to blame for the
shambles black society is in with its violence, drugs, high school drop
out rates, misogyny, and a host of other real and virulent problems,
except for the very people who engage in such behavior. Enough. As a
society, culture or people, they should look within themselves and fix
their problems. When did this man become the spokesman for the 'black
church'? And of course his church is different, but that doesn't mean
his message and philosophy is acceptable, or productive or non-offensive
or not-racist or indicative or our greater cultural behaviors, values
and norms Americans. And yes, the link between this man and Obama really
does matter. At a very minimum, it provides insight into the political
and philosophical strain that Obama adheres to.
Bill Cosby - April 28, 2008 - Wall Street Journal

June 12, 2008


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Hawt muslim harem girl

so i’m reading rumors now that bsg will break for the season after this friday until next year!

spoiler alert! read no further yup!


June 11, 2008


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there is much ado lately about the dilemna.

eva longoria? or eva mendes?

let us take a closer look….

first, there’s eva longoria

Eva Longoria

and then there is eva mendes

Eva Mendes

which one? …. oh what to decide?

the answer is obvious…..


June 10, 2008


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one of my old high school buddies added an application on facebook called the greek community.


June 8, 2008


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i love it when people do creative things.


June 6, 2008


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and let the games begin!


June 5, 2008


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so i bought a ps3 a while back. love the thing although i am seldom home to play.


June 2, 2008


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john lennon was a communist


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