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May 10, 2008


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i love battlestar galactica.

they do some really neat stuff with members of the original cast like the original apollo character (richard hatch) playing tom zarek in the new. they also investigate some really tough tough issues, such as pre-emptive war, revenge, rape, torture, execution of civilians during wartime by the military. more typical human issues as well, like trust and honor, family and friend.

it’s good stuff.

spoilers ensue, so read no more if you are watching the show.

it’s the 4th season of battlestar. and due to a slipping ratings during the third season (which i attribute to my being deployed and unable to watch) this season will be the last.

i’m sad it’s going to end, but glad at the same time. i know they won’t stretch it out to 6 or 7 seasons, and then just stop making it. leaving us all hanging as to whether or not they ever find earth.

this season, they’re going to wrap it all up. i know they find earth, and am going to get to see it.

the big question on the internet amongst fans is exactly ‘when’ the galactica will get to earth. will they arrive in current time? ie, will the galactica go into earth orbit with earth made satelites? will they see the shuttle? or will the galaztica arrive in the past sometime? will greek philosophy be an offshoot of the galactica’s crew? maybe even further back? will they build the pyramids?

will the galactica be atlantis?

with cast / character names like apollo, athena, and hera, i’m betting on them landing around 500bc and having some sort of influence in ancient greece.

as long as we get some resolution. if the last episode of the last season has the galactica jumping into our solar system and going into earth orbit, “we made it”. roll credits. i’ll have to find david eick and beat his ass. i want an episode or two on earth. sorting things out.

but one huge controversy right now is about the picture at the top of the page. scifi has let it be known that there are clues in the picture about future events on the show. like who the 12th cylon is. who has yet to die.

let’s look at the pic. and these are just my opinions.

left to right:

President Laura Roslin played by Mary McDonnell
Cylon De’ana played by Lucy Lawless. Yes, it’s Xena
Colonel Saul Tigh, XO of the Galactica played by Michael Hogan
Lee Adama AKA Apollo played by Jamie Bamber, yes, he’s English eye candy for y’all femmes
Gaius Baltar played by James Callis
6, or Caprica 6, or Gina played by Tricia Helfer. Vickie’s Secret model and now Playboy too
Kara Thrace AKA Starbuck played by Katee Sackhoff
Samuel Anders played by Michael Trucco
Galen Tyrol played by Aaron Douglas
Sharon Valeri AKA Boomer AKA Athena played by Grace Park
Karl Agathon AKA Helo played by Tahmoh Penikett
Admiral Adama played by Eddie Olmos

now to play with the pic.

notice how the president and the admiral are on opposite ends of the table? there has been a long theme throughout the show of unrequited love. the admiral and the pres keep almost hooking up. well. they may have hooked up, but they are far from the couple they want to be. their jobs keep getting in the way. and judging by the distance between them in the pic, it is going to remain that way.

now. look at De’ana. who’s she pointing at and why? they’re talking in the show right now about bringing her out of the box because she can identify the 5 unknown cylons. we know how 4 of the last 5 are, and they are hidden. i think she is pointing at the 5th hidden cylon, aka the 12th and final. that would make the 12th and final cylon one of the following: Apollo, Gaius, Starbuck, Helo, or the Admiral himself. yikes.

Saul Tigh. why is there a large separation between him and Apollo? he has had trouble with the Govt before. Remember when Adama got shot after staging a Coup? will there be more trouble for him? will Apollo oppose him as the delegate from Caprica on the council of 12? things to come

apollo. left the ranks of the military to be a politician. he was commander of the pegasus. he got fat. he got thin. he led a mutiny against saul tigh. he was married. still is, though his wife has fallen off the show this season. too bad. i like her. what’s he thinking about? why is his glass on the table the only chalice type glass? everybody else has a regular glass. why the sudden holy grail type glass? is he the chosen one? we keep hearing about that. here and there.

gaius baltar. douchebag. he plays such a good villain. he’s one of the reason the cylons managed to nuke the 12 colonies in the first place. now he has religious groupies? i was hoping callie would shoot him. but now she’s dead. notice the space between him and 6? the classic “V” shape cited as evidence that Christ had kids with Mary in the Da Vinci Code. He’s supposed to have kids with 6, but not theirs. Is Hera going to wind up in his custody somehow? i think so.

6. oh how i love her. yeah. she was in Playboy NSFW!!!!!! she is the main cylon bad guy i guess. except she is now trying to make some kind of an alliance as a result of their civil war. is she looking at De’Ana? is there an accusation there? the civil war resulted from a 3 – 3 tie in a cylon vote. if De’Ana had not been boxed, she would have been the deciding vote. but because of her absence, 6 leads one side of the rebellion.

starbuck. i’m just going to come out and say it. chosen one. it’s been forecast by 2 hybrids now that she is the ‘harbinger of death’. i think she is. she is the harbinger of cylon death. notice how she is all wrapped up in sam anders hands? guess who is a cylon in hiding? guess who said she would kill him if she found out he was? yeah. she’s going to have issues with him shortly. like, deathly issues.

anders. what is he doing? nug viper pilot. old style pro athlete before the nuking. cylon. but i can’t see much of a future for him on the show. i don’t think he’ll die. just that he is a minor character.

tyrol. cylon in hiding. lost his wife. oh, just wait til he finds out tory killed her. you can bet he will. he’s going to get into ship logs and find out where the key was turned. he’ll know someone murdered her. and there will be ass kickings. he’s kind of losing it. and he will til he avenges callie. and oh yeah. he’s holding a fucking knife. tory is going to die!
boomer. i don’t like the name athena for her. athena was a virgin goddess and boomer is a mom. she should be aphrodite. latched onto helo, her husband. is she looking at De’ana? mayhem is coming i tell you. mayhem.
helo. main character, but he is always kind of tieing up loose ends. he’s never really been in anything huge. well. not like he mutinied in the last show. or the whole first season was him trying to get off of caprica. and he has that kid; hera, who has some kind of tie to the opera house.
and adama. notice how he isn’t looking at the president? i think he is going to reject her.
now. the photo. i already mentioned the “v” between baltar and 6, and the chalice. why is there fire in front of the president? is it incense? what did she light? why are they in the hangar? why not the bridge? why not on colonial one?
so much to come. friends got me to watch firefly recently. good show. but not battlestar.
i’m still a fan


  1. bastard. I don’t dare read beyond the third paragraph. frakkin’ afn. I gotta wait until the season comes out on video to watch.

    Comment by yup — May 12, 2008 @ 2:00 am

  2. why? scifi posts entire episodes on the web.

    Comment by mlah — May 12, 2008 @ 7:23 am

  3. We fans in Europe are blocked from viewing the videos posted by SciFi on the Web. It’s xenophobia, I tell you!

    Comment by yup — May 13, 2008 @ 3:47 am

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