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May 3, 2008


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i went to practice again last night.

but this time, i actually broke out my uniforms, and wore one.

felt good to stretch. felt better to work out. kicking a bag again. doing some forms.

thing is, practice was slim last night. there were only 4 of us there. mike, the main instructor was teaching nunchaku in a private lesson, so it left 4 of us to our own devices. 4 black belts.

all older.

i warned them i would most likely fall out, and i did a few times. but it was nice to see i’m not in the absolute bottom level of physical shape. they got tired too.

it’s going to be a long climb back up that hill. and right now, i can really only make it to friday classes because i have to drive to damn ft hood 4 days a week.

but it’s the start.

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