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April 24, 2008


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i’d heard there was a rift in tkd.

if you are new to tkd, or know nothing about it. there is a family here in texas, the lopezs, who are very good in tkd. steven lopez is verrry good and has won gold medals in the olympics before.

now, little sister diana lopez is making her way into competitions. well. she has already been competing. and winning. but trials for the US olympic team are just done. i actually know some people who worked and tried to compete. they met with resistance. it seems the usat, that is usa taekwondo, kind of has a preference.

i had my doubts. whenever you get beat in a close sporting event, it is always the refs are a little biased. or the wind was the difference. it’s always something. but i’d heard that the final match at US olympic team quals between two very good and internationally known ladies was a robbery.

nia abdallah was cheated out of the victory. well. i finally saw the video. and i have to agree. diana lopez lost that match.

see it here.

this isn’t related, except that it’s just a ncie video.

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  1. So…I couldn’t tell who won. BECAUSE I FELL ASLEEP! What the hell????

    I’m so glad I’m not competing anymore. If I had to do that crap, I’d feel like all of my training is a freaking waste of time. I mean, both kicked a total of about 10 times for BOTH rounds. TOTAL.

    Oh, glorious rugby!!!!!

    Comment by Jeanna — April 29, 2008 @ 4:36 am

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