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April 8, 2008

Small World

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Burqa Chicks

so today i bowed up and went to practice. been forever.

saw some old faces. saw a couple of people who have waaaay advanced. as in, when i left, they were orange belts. now they’re red-black belts. wow.

but there was a new face too. guy named david keith. he started out in tkd in 88 in maryland of all places. joined the military and travels all over the place. went to school here in texas the same place i do. but he left rioght when i got here 4 years or so ago. now he’s back.

it was cool to sit and talk. we know a lot of the same people. he knows all of the tkd faces up in md, even knows my old instructor chien vuong. knows the changs. master pham, master joe and willie. more.

made me feel good about restarting back, cause that’s what i’m really doing. he has a bad work schedule too. kind of made me feel like a pussy for dodging a bit of class based on my crazy schedule.

then we sat around, whole bunch of us. shot the shit about the recent olympic team trials. there were apparently a few robberies at the final matches. i’ve got find out about those. as in, i need to see the videos before i make my own mind up and talk shit about it.

feels good though.

oh, i went to the doctor today. she says i’m healthy. i’ve dropped some weight based on my half ass workout schedule of the last 3 weeks or so. she stuck me 3 times for blood and i just wouldn’t bleed for her. she had to send me out to a lab for them to do it.

anyway. just a feel good post.

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