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March 29, 2008


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Burqa Time!

fitna is an arabic term for when the arabs fight themselves. the crusades had limited success due in part to fitna on the part of the arab world surrounding the holy land.

there’s is a short film out by geert wilders called fitna. (see the movie here while it lasts) i don’t know why he calls it fitna. i don’t really perceive any conflicts between the muslims at present. sometimes iran comes close to war with afghanistan. saddam invaded kuwait in the past, and iran as well, but who else? turkey has issues sometimes with the kurds. and true true. we could say the predominance of the war in iraq is fitna.


less and less of that conflict involves us. even the suni shi’a part o fthat conflict is slowing. more and more, it is intra shi’a conflicts between supports of SCIRI and the mahdi army.

i could elaborate further on even more vague conflicts to the majority of westerners. ever heard of the polisario? there is still trouble between suni and hizballah in lebanon. even the druze (followers of the great darous) have trouble in that nation.

but the film. it hits me harder than i think it will hit most people. it highlights a lot of the more recent attacks by islam on the west. it hits in places i know for one reason or another.


9-11? i remember that day. going down the stairs and having a girl named jolene tell me a plane had crashed into the wtc. my first response? you’re a fucking liar. i just did not believe it. she took me into the parking lot behind the building where another coworker had a tv in his van. we watched the second plane hit together. later, a van full of coworkers would return from the pentagon. they saw the plane fly low over the road on it’s way in. one of them reads and occasionally comments here. i went up on the roof and looked at the fire from the pentagon.

arabic? since 1990 i have been immersed in arabic. the language. the culture. i even dated a moroccan girl while in spain. i remember having moroccan mint tea shortly after lady di’s death when a number of mooras told me matter of fact, oh, 3 days after her death, very matter of factly, that the british secret service had purposely killed lady di, and dodi fa’id, “because she was pregnant with a muslim baby”.

i like arabic less and less all the time.

in college, and language school, some of my favorite music was, and is classical. the short film fitna picked one of my faovrite pieces from the pier gynt suite as background music. and coincidentally enough, the music played on the radio in kuwait at prayer time is very familiar to the egyptian sounding music.

then there’s holland. theo van gogh was a descendant of the painter van gogh. theo made movies. past tense. he made a movie exposing islam as the sham that it is, and was murdered for it. by a moroccan no less. i cheer for holland in all things. world cup? i cheer for the orange of the dutch. after the us athletes of course, but i cheer for the dutch. i feel a connection to holland. nothing to do with van gogh or hirsi ali the christian apostate and advocate for basic human rights in holland. i served on a dutch sub while in the navy. best boat i was ever on. or ship for that matter. one of them comments here as well. i stood in the sail of that dutch sub looking at real dark as we sailed into palma de mallorca all those days ago.
the beheadings? i was in afghanistan for 8 months. never left the base, under threat of pain of beheading. usually kidnapping first. remember when they allegedly tried to kill cheney in bagram? i saw him for breakfast that morning. he was oh, 10 yards away? i chatted with his secret service bodyguards that morning. ever run from rocket fire? the rockets that hit israel daily pretty much? they whistle, and go BOOM! sound stupid? yeah. til you hear one first hand. i have friends in iraq, and the stan right now.
more afghanistan? i’ve walked inside the wire in guantanamo bay. and more. ever looked those war captured guys in the eye? person to person? i have. my roomie in cuba was a chief guard. he used to tell me good stories about them. horrible food? torture? never happened.

i had an arab stalker in afghanistan. thought i was a hooker. that’s just so wrong in so many ways.
spain? i have ridden the train through atocha station. some of my friends who comment here have as well. sometimes WITH me. it was bombed. i can remember what it looks like to stand at the main entrance and look up the street. with all of those trees. spain is so beautiful. the people are so nice. it takes such hatred to want to kill there. my biggest whine for the oh, 6 years i was there? mopeds were too loud. what a beautiful country. and they bombed it. and bombed it. and bombed yet more. moroccan imams have after all issued a death threat to spain and spaniards as an apostate nation.
so very very much out of that video touched on various parts of my life. listening to the arabic voice. listening to the music. looking at the places i have been. seeing things my friends have told me about first hand.

now. that video is being taken down from the net. seems that various muslims are threatening death for it to the people who host the site publishing it. in holland, death threats are taken seriously after van gogh.

see that video before it is gone. it’s short, but longer than most videos on the web.

jesus never took slaves. neither did moses. i don’t know, but somehow i bet that budhism, confucionism, and hinduism don’t condone it either. don’t feed me any lines in any of their books that say it does, or acknowledge it’s existance at one time or another. it is repudiated now isn’t it? show me the christian sect advocating a return to slavery. show me the budhist sect advocating beheading schoolgirls, because they are less than human (not muslim).
mohammed did directly. taking jews as slaves. telling one woman that a man slave was no longer her husband. his simple act of conquest eliminated her marriage. now she was his. in addition to his 6 year old wife.

i dislike islam so very very much. false. wicked. it is an ethos of thieves for thieves. it simply allows thieves to steal and rape with clean conscious’ while protecting their own ill gotten bounty from other thieves subscribing to the same ethos.

mohammed was nothing more than a camel raider.

see the video. watch it. even if for no other reason than to exercise your right to freedom of speech. muslims are trying to remove it. they don’t want you to see what their religion really looks like.

hat tips to RoadSassy and Little Green Footballs


  1. In light of your posting, here is a link Rojoxia sent me, dealing with the convert from Islam who was prominent in the Pope’s Easter message.

    Comment by yup — March 29, 2008 @ 1:31 pm

  2. btw, nice link to Wikipedia. Trying to mollify your Liberal guest here?

    Comment by yup — March 29, 2008 @ 1:32 pm

  3. i thought it appropriate to link to as a new strategy in arguin g with our wiki lover. how could it possibly be wrong? from now on, whenever i find something in wiki i like, i’ll hold it up to him and say, see! it must be true.

    if it isn’t in wiki? i’ll write it there myself.

    Comment by mlah — March 29, 2008 @ 7:51 pm

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