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March 27, 2008


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Chelsea should be a Harem girl

so some guy asked cherlsea if the monica lewinski affair called into question her mother’s decision making abilities.

chelsea’s response is winning accolades in the press. but for the wronf reasons.

chelsea responses that in some 70 campus visits, nobody had ever asked her about the incident. she then answered that it was none of his business.

the crowd applauded.

Chelsea Burka

let’s think about this. first. it has been reported that her initial qualification in the answer about having spoken at 70 campus’ was intended to give her credibility and to not let it seem like she was answering out of anger. it worked.

but, none of your business? sorry chelsea. wrong answer.

your mom is running to be president of the united states of america. not to run a bakery in greenwich village. she’s not attempting to get a job as a subway conductor in nyc.

she wants to be president of the free world. and being president means, she is chief decision maker for the free world.

think about that. she, if elected president, would be the top decision maker for the free world.

so chelsea is maintaining that decisions she has made are none of the people’s business.?

you might say that her personal life is none of the publics business. buuuut, wrong again. as president, you agree to give up that privacy. they’re public figures in public life.

you don’t want your affairs published? don’t have them. just ask eliot sptitzer.

now, as far as chelsea is concerned. i feel sorry for her. having to deal with some of the bs she does. you can’t pick your parents after all. i mean she never picked to be first daughter. she never chose to be in the public eye. until recently, while campaigning for her mom.

does the lewinsky affair cast a shadow on her mom’s decision making ability. maybe. maybe not. whatever you think about her decisions, the choices she made have resulted in her staying in the public as as a viable candidate for president. i think she made the right choice.

but as to chelsea’s response that it is none of the questioner’s business, or ours.


now. given the expected response by a dem audience to the given question, what are the chances that the question was asked by a plant?

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