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March 24, 2008

Socialism is Evil 3 – Education

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Hot Chick Race in Iran

yeah, i’m writing a lot about this.

The Hillary Market

much is going on in the us right now. i actually watched hillary giving a speech the other day. it was like a fire sale! who are you? what do you do? i’ll GIVE it to you! she was giving it all away. everything. just vote for me!

well. ok, it wasn’t the other day. it was while she was campaigning in texas. but the speech was the same. i’m sure she has givien that same speech time and again, all across the country.

what do you want? i’ll GIVE it to you! FREE!

nothing is ever free.

education? one of her many new promises. her opponent has the youth vote. for the moment at least. her answer? her effort to wint he tyouth vote to her side? (and remember i said that, “to her side”). she’ll GIVE you free college.

she lies.


after all, there is no such thing as FREE education.

hillary wants to give it to you. … oh but wait! there is a catch. as long as you spend 5-7 years working in the public service sector. she specifically names working as a “nurse, or policemen, or fireman”. so it really isn’t free.

let’s take a look at what happens currently. to run a univeristy, bills must be paid. they must pay instructors, admins, janitors, maintenance men and more. they have a lot of people they have to pay. money.

instructors all want to do research. those doctorates all want to put their names on some new finding. some new theory. research costs money. more money.

property taxes. huge money must be paid to the city and state in the form of tax.

maintenance must also be done on buildings. upgrades. new construction. again scads of cash. i just wanted to use the word scads.

this all adds up to a very large number. this huge number is the operating cost of a university. now, the unversity gets money from several places. it gets money from donors and takes that money off the top of it’s operating cost.

what is left ios pretty simply divided by the number of students. each student must then pay the quotient as his fee.

now a fee. remember, a students fee will include things like building use fees, tuition, and more. it all adds up to some huge number (for an individual, especially a student). this number students get to pay however, is offest by the government.

the government offsets a students college fee as a gamble. they make the gamble that a person, who gets college training will be a higher wage earner in the future, and as a higher wage earner, they will pay higher taxes, thus enabling the govt to recoup their original investment.

now. if the students annual ‘fee’ if 50,000 (just a madeup number) the federal govt will step in and kick in a large chunk opf cash too. in the hopes that that student will be able to pat giher taxes down the road. the fed will take that fee down to say 25k. again, just a made up number. the govt will also demand of the university it is subsidizing that it teach certain things. like english, math, polysci, and history. their money, their demands will be met.

if you don’t meet those demands, you are what is commonly called a private university. private universities like smu, tcu, notre dame, or yale.

but back to public education.

the state also kicks in some money. and they do it on exactly the same premise as the fed govt. same goal, and same requirements. the state also makes coursework demands. they add state history, and state govt, but usually not much more. and in return, a student who has fees of 25k after fed govt gamble will take it down again to say 15k. again just a bogus number.

both govt entities though make that gamble for their own citizens. why on earth would the fed govt make this gamble for a citizen of france? who after school, will most likely return to france and never pay taxes? he gets to pay the full run. and why would the state of arkansas pay aid to a resident of california? wouldn’t the californian return home to california after school? same deal.

this is why students pay different amounts. an instate student would pay 15k, an out of state student would pay 25k, and an international student would pay 50k. private school students would pay 50k as well.

now, recently, we have had various state govts insisting that illegal immigrants also get in-state tuition. guess what that does? they may only charge the in-state rate, but typically get no money from the fed govt. this makes the school run short, and as a means to cover the new shortfall, universities raise the in state rate. they have no choice.

the price of school is going up, and illegal immigrants are often the reason. but that is a sidenote. let’s get back to how socialism is evil.

here comes hillary. free school! free school for all.

wonderful. there is no such thing as free anything. when you are talking about the govt, you are talking about money taken from the tax payers.


somebody has to pay.

here’s hillary’s plan. give a student free college. but wait! she’s not giving it to you. first, tax-payers have to pay. but then, you, the student will have to pay as well. she’s getting paid twice. and let’s look at that payment students are going to make.

teacher? think you’re just going to bee-bop down to the local suburban elemnetary school and teach music, or anything for 5-7 years? never happen. schools have waiting lists. good teachers are in line right now trying to get those jobs. why? because the inner city is dangerous. teachers get shot. stabbed and worse. guess where hillary is going to put those new college grads? and you’ll be working there for sun-standard teacher pay (which is already low). want to quit? nope. quit and pay the fee, which will have already been paid by tax-payers.

now eventually, they’ll finish their hell duty, and finish. how many will stay on? in their new jobs, they will finally become, … guess what! TAX_PAYERS!

once they are tax payers, guess what they are going to get to do! pay for someone elses school. and oh wait. school is free! there will be loads, yes, veritable scads! SCADS i say, of new students. and everyone will want that doctorate! it’s free after all. just let the party continue! stay in school, party, as long as you can!

so. hillary wants tax-payers to buy her votes. buy her votes away from obama. and then she is going to indebt those bought votes to solve, unwillingly, a future problem. and then after they pay their debt, she will make them pay yet again, most likely multiple times.

socialism is wonderful isn’t it?

let’s not forget that there will need to be a significant growth in the number of social workers to track students in paying their debts. they will need to be paid.

what is the free market, non-socialist plan? you go to college where you can afford to, or get loans as necesary. then you graduate. and pay your loans, or your folks. you’re done.

you don’t buy someone elses college degree, and you are never indentured to servitude.

look at the old soviet union. 6 day school weeks through high school. then they had to try and convince students to go to work and NOT go to college. their hs education was the equivalent of a us college degree after all. but they thronged to college. it was free! why work? they had a hugely educated workforce. but eventually, the free-ride ended, and they had to go to work.

at huge cost. after the fall of the soviet union, i met some of their college degree’d, even doctors in physics, working as janitors in israel.

if you drive your society to dust, what will you be doing after the fall?

socialism, once again, is just a pretty bauble for dictators to hold up and amaze the populace. the dictator doesn’t care what happens to the state in his lifetime, so long as he gets to stay dictator.

politicians who offer socialist programs are extremely susceptable to becoming dictators. and they are buying your votes with other peoples money.


  1. “the dictator doesn’t care what happens to the state in his lifetime, so long as he gets to stay dictator.” But Mlah, that describes almost all U.S. politicians. Who cares about the future, so long as they get theirs today! Whatever it takes to buy your vote, and damn the consequences for your children.

    When Mrs Yup was studying in Russia she had to laugh, because her professors were trying to convince her how terrible it was that the Russian students had to have jobs in order to earn money for entertainment. Their college and dorms were already paid for by the government, but how dare the government force these poor young people to work in order to catch a movie on the weekend!

    Hillary’s education plan as you describe it sounds suspiciously like Bubba’s “Americorps” program. Remember that one, where the Americorps student received free college in exchange for work — a GI Bill for the folks who didn’t want to be GIs? But this sounds like Hillary’s gonna remake the program in her own image and offer it to all students across the country, not just the 75,000 that Americorps currently serves annually.

    Why doesn’t she just promise to bring back the WPA to ensure everyone has a job, while she’s at it?

    Comment by yup — March 25, 2008 @ 2:04 am

  2. been wondering where you were at.

    Comment by mlah — March 25, 2008 @ 3:49 am

  3. To quote R.A. Heinlein…


    Comment by crusty — April 1, 2008 @ 3:54 pm

  4. mlah: “as long as you spend 5-7 years working in the public service sector. she specifically names working as a “nurse, or policemen, or fireman”.
    You don’t think that’s a good idea that is in the public interest? I don’t see anything wrong with that. There are already lots of programs like that on a smaller, more targeted scale. Good luck finding Americans who don’t want more nurses, police or firefighters, retard!

    Comment by Gus — April 17, 2008 @ 11:40 pm

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