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January 20, 2008

What about Bob?

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If you aren’t a college football fan, don’t bother reading this.

Bob Stoops has lost 4 BCS game in a row.

LSU beat 21-14 in the Championship a few years back. Then a professional USC team trounced him. Then last year he lost the most thrilling CFB bowl game ever to Boise State. This year he lost to WV. People say it was a trouncing, but it wasn’t as bad as most non-OU fans make it out to be.

Now I hear the press talking shit about Bob Stoops’ neck being on the chopping block.

If you’re an OU fan and you think Bob Stoops needs to be let go, you’re an idiot. If you’re not an OU fan and you think Stoops needs to be let go, you’re just reaching for a way to make them bad.

Let us examine. Oklahoma for the 10 years or so pre-Stopps? Sucked.

Under Stoops? National Championship, played in 2 more Championship games. BCS game more than 50 percent of his post season career. Yeah, he’s lost 4 BCS game sin a row, but he has won other bowls in between those.

Plus. Chuck Long, Former OU Offensive coordinator, now head coach as SDSU. Mangino, former OU offensive coordinator, now head coach at Kansas. Mike Leach, former OU offensive coordinator now head Coach at Texas Tech. Mike Stoops, former OU head Defensive coordinator now head coach at Arizona.

How can you fault a coach who has a constant flow of exiting coaches?

Further, People say that the one championship Stoops did win he won with John Blake’s players. Josh Heupel never played for Blake. Stoops won that with what he had and JuCo transfers he picked.

Now. Let’s talk WV. People are unhappy with the ‘play calling’ Stoops did. Bullshit. Yankees are throwing rocks. they can go spit.

Stoops tried a lot of unconventional things in that game to try and throw WV off center. Didn’t work. Well, it did for the first half, until WV adjusted to OU.

The most unconventional thing I saw him do, and I hear non of the pinhead yankees talking about, was his 42 defense. When OU was getting run on, I would have liked to see him get away from that and ho back to the traditional 52. Water under the bridge.

Anyone who is second guessing Stoops in the prerss is really talking about two specific plays. After scoring early int eh second half, he went for a two point conversion and failed. That two point would have taken him to an even 20-14. Didn’t work. then on the very next play, OU tired an onsides kick. Didn’t work.

Both plays were well called. OU just didn’t execute on the field.

OU lost. It happens, not very often under Stoops, but it does happen.

As far as all the yankee sports writers talking shit about his job being in jeapordy? Let us not forget one HUGE HUGE thing.

Stoops beats Texas. And to any OU fan, that’s 75% of his job.

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