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January 19, 2008


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i saw this show last night..

i enjoyed it. i was really worried i’d get vertigo like at blair witch because this thing was filmed entirely with a handycam.

i didn’t, though close a little at the beginning of the movie.

i had also heard that i wasn’t going to get to see the ‘monster’. i never got the close up medical look, and you never get an explanation as to ‘what’ it is/was. but you do get to see it. plus surprises. i don’t want to ruin anything.

i was also pleasantly surprised with the humor. lots of good little laughers here and there. especially in regqard to ‘marlena’.

no nudity. plenty o cussing. some gore, but not in your face blood spray gore. more like injury gore. a few real good scares. and an ending that leaves you wondering.

best line? “are you aware of garfield?”

go see it. i enjoyed it.

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  1. i just got back from seeing it. ohhhh man that was hella good! i want a sequel so i can find out just what the hell happened!

    Comment by medium john — January 25, 2008 @ 12:10 am

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