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November 26, 2007

The Amazing Race 12

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the amazing race 12 has been going on for about a month i guess. i saw leg 4 tonight,

i like the amazing race.

well. i really like the concept. but like all shows. it was new and different on the first few races.

it’s starting to suck now.

i love the travel. i love all the thrill seeking grandmothers were forced to do. it was cool to watch the ‘gutsy grannies’ hang glide over the beach at rio de janeiro. land on the beach.

sheer joy on their faces.

but, they have a formula.

the contestants are almost always the same.

gay couple. elderly couple. parent child couple. nyc couple. boston couple. cali couple. at least one husband wife team. at least one best friends team. one hot chick team.

what this means is that when i watched it back in the day, and just accepted that none of the teams were from my neck of the woods. i could hope that the next race would.

i know it is false and will never happen.

there is usually a token southern team. a token midwest team. the vast bulk of the teams come from the east coast. especially nyc and boston.

a team from the west and not cali? forget it.
they’re getting away from the extreme sports too. fair enough. it just wasn’t a surprise anymore to make people bungee jump over a gorge in africa. to make them scuba in a tank full of sharks.

now they pan for gold in africa. or play golf in australia.

i think i’m about done with the amazing race.

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  1. If the writer’s strike doesn’t end, we may end up with just reality tv.

    Comment by medium john — November 27, 2007 @ 7:13 pm

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